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Twitter boot account mimics Trump’s new blog

Twitter and other social media platforms largely prohibit users from circumventing bans by setting up alternate accounts for people who are suspended.

“As stated in our Prohibition Bypass Policy, we will take enforcement action on accounts whose apparent intent is to replace or promote content associated with a suspended account,” Twitter said in a statement Thursday regarding the account.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the account was officially linked to the former president’s team or his Save America coalition, which is funding the blog. Twitter declined to comment on the matter.

How we got here: Trump unveiled a new blog on Tuesday that provided links for users to share his latest statements directly on Twitter, where he’s permanently banned, and on Facebook, where he’s banned indefinitely.

A Twitter spokesperson told POLITICO earlier this week that while users are generally allowed to share posts from Trump’s website on their platform, they could still face enforcement actions by the company if the posts violate Twitter’s rules.

And accounts could be subject to restrictions when attempting to mimic Trump’s suspended account and their only intent is to replace a suspended account, the spokesman said.

Not her first mess: After Trump’s prolific personal Twitter account @realDonaldTrump was finally banned by Twitter on Jan. 8, his staff attempted to circumvent the ban by posting messages identical to his tweets on his campaign account and the official White House account . Twitter responded by permanently banning the Trump campaign account and removing the White House tweets.

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