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Who will win the money race?

The Democratic primary is the most recent election in New York City. It’s the first competitive mayors race since 2013, and the winner is likely to inherit a city still ravaged by a deadly pandemic, an economy in crisis, and a dramatic increase in crime.

To classify the candidates, we took five statistics into account: Donate, Contributors, New York donor’s share, remaining cash and average donation size.

Andrew Yang, Those at the top of our list have drawn from a national fundraising base – a sign of their widespread awareness – and connected with donors in the five districts. That gives him a sizeable war chest, by far the largest number of donors, and a relatively small average contribution.

Scott Stringer has been raising money for years and benefiting from the concentration of well-heeled followers in neighborhoods like the Upper West Side and Brownstone Brooklyn, which also show up in primaries.

Eric Adams has the largest reach of any in the field – and also the largest geographic number of contributors. This gives him a huge advantage as most campaigns start to implement their television advertising strategies even though his posts tend to be on the bigger side.

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