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“America First is not going away”: Gaetz and Greene strike defiantly at the start of the tour

The tour comes as the Republican Party tries to define its post-Donald Trump future and so far those who join the former president are winning. Republicans like Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Who were critical of Trump, had significant ramifications. Gaetz continued to advocate joining Trump on Friday, suggesting the former president might join the tour or that the two brands might join Trump at a rally. However, further details of the tour were not disclosed.

The tour also takes place amid reports of a federal investigation into Gaetz for alleged sex crimes, which Gaetz has repeatedly denied. He has not been charged, but has alleged that he had sex with a 17-year-old and paid for prostitutes.

Gaetz has had a lower profile since the allegations emerged, especially without his consistent pro-Trump cable television presence, but Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has recently interviewed whether he was wrongly targeted. A Gaetz advisor previously told POLITICO that he would likely appear again on Carlson’s show.

Gaetz claimed on Friday that there is no real trial for conservatives, saying that he will not back down and that “the truth will prevail”. He also admitted that he could potentially lose committee duties.

Greene lost her duties on the House Committee in February after scrutiny of her racist and anti-Semitic statements and posts prior to taking office. The first-time lawmaker has also backed Trump’s false election fraud claims and previously subscribed to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

After Greene joined Thunderstruck from AC / DC, she stoked unfounded election fraud fears in her sweeping speech and asked the crowd if she believed Biden had actually won the 2020 election. The crowd answered with a resounding no. She denounced RINOs for failing to keep promises and extolled their quixotic offer to indict President Joe Biden.

In his fiery speech, Gaetz identified the most popular MAGA targets, including Big Tech, the so-called “Deep State” and the establishment. He lay down in Cheney and cheered the movement out of the leadership while pushing the GOP leadership to become more populist.

“If Liz Cheney could even find Wyoming on a map and go there, she would find a lot of very angry cowboys,” he said.

Still enjoying with Trump broad support among GOP votersCheney has been targeted by Republicans for continuing to criticize Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and defending her move to confirm the 2020 election results. She is expected to lose her leadership role in a vote as early as next week.

Gaetz traveled to Cheney’s home state of Wyoming In late January, as part of an ultimately unsuccessful bid by some House Republicans to get Cheney out of control. In February Cheney held onto her place with a secret vote of 145-61.

At the time, she insisted on keeping her job, but not this time. you doubled in a Washington Post opened on Wednesdayand said it would continue to do so “regardless of the short-term political ramifications”.

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