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Stefanik faces the House’s first Conservative opponent to replace Cheney

“We have to avoid commissioning Republicans to fight as Republicans but then vote for and advance the Democrats’ sworn agenda – that is, we don’t make the same mistakes we did in 2017,” Roy wrote in his memo, first published by POLITICO was received.

Roy also warned of the swift efforts by House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP leaders to recruit ordinary members for Stefanik even before Cheney was elected from the No. 3 role.

“So, with all due respect to my friend Elise Stefanik, let’s ponder the message the Republican leadership will send by rushing to crown a spokesman whose voting results represent much of what led to the Democrats’ ass kicking this year 2018. “Roy wrote.

Stefanik tried to calm her skeptical-conservative colleagues. She has pledged to serve as conference chair only for the rest of the current Congress and to step down before a vote that differs from the majority of Republicans in the House. However, if Roy’s memo is a guide, those promises have yet to fully win the right flank of the conference.

When asked to deal with the burgeoning conservative criticism of their offer, Stefanik told reporters on Tuesday: “We have a lot of support from the Freedom Caucus and others.”

Roy was one of the few Freedom Caucus members who voted against challenging President Joe Biden’s victory in January. He also defended Cheney at the time, saying her vote to indict former President Donald Trump over the Capitol uprising was a decision of conscience.

But Roy later pissed off Cheney. After Cheney publicly parted with McCarthy on whether or not Trump should speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference – while the two GOP leaders of the House shared a stage – Roy publicly stated that she had “the right to chair the Republican Conference, forfeited “.

“Most Americans don’t know who the President of the Republican Conference is or what she’s doing. They only care if we fight for them and fight to stop the radical democratic agenda that is making us head for this iceberg at full speed, ”wrote Roy.

He added, “Because of this, Liz Cheney is going to lose her job as chair this week. She lost her ability to be our spokesperson by distracting us.”

The vote to remove Cheney is scheduled for Wednesday and Roy says he plans to vote to call her back despite “considering her a friend and trying to give her a chance at success”.

The Texan urged his GOP colleagues to either find a # 3 leader who “reflects our conservative values” or to leave the position entirely blank to focus on a “strong agenda” rather than a leadership role, that the voters don’t care.

Stefanik has received the support of some powerful conservatives, including the co-founder of Freedom Caucus, who became McCarthy’s ally, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Trump himself. The former president preferred Stefanik as she took on a visible role in the defense during his first impeachment trial, and her transition from moderate to Trump defender is enough to convince some Republicans of her good leadership.

Cheney survived the Conservatives’ efforts to oust them in February, winning 145-61 on a secret ballot. But this time around, Cheney is not whipping to try to protect her leadership role from the high-profile eviction, and her downfall is expected.

Additionally, GOP leaders are at the forefront of the effort to reboot Cheney this spring, while some of her former allies, including moderates, have broken with her over repeated criticism of Trump that they believe is distracting from her efforts to regain the house in 2022.

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