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Chip Roy announces Stefanik

“I believe [Stefanik] should have an opponent, “Roy told reporters. “One of my biggest problems is that we don’t take the time to have this conversation that we should be having.”

“This is a deliberate attempt to clamp things through, so this is one of the points I want to address tonight,” he added on the Candidate Forum.

Roy, who has been pushing for a delay in leadership elections, hinted that if leaders hit the pause button, he might not have started his hour 11 offer.

“If there is some movement, I might not be nominated tomorrow,” said Roy.

So far, however, there is no evidence that McCarthy plans to postpone the election. And on the far right there were rumors that during the conference meeting on Friday an attempt was made in protest to force some procedural motions.

Stefanik, the moderate New York Republican who allied for Trump, is considered a front runner in the race and has worked quickly to build a broad coalition of supporters from across the conference. It also has the support of former President Donald Trump and senior GOP politician and is considered a productive fundraiser.

Trump said he didn’t think the House Republicans would go with Roy in a statement Thursday. Roy voted on January 6 to confirm the election.

“He hasn’t done a great job and will likely be successful in elementary school in his own district,” Trump said. “I support Elise by far more than Chip!”

Roy, a former chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) known as a procedural troublemaker, is likely to pose as a conservative alternative to Stefanik. Fellow Freedom Caucus member Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) Plans to officially nominate him.

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