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The Democratic Mayor of the Texas border town beats Biden exclusively in Sara Carter: “I will not back down.”

The Democratic mayor of a Texas border town overrun by illegal immigrants speaks out against President Biden’s migrant crisis as thousands of illegal foreigners are subject to lax “catch-and-release” policies that overwhelm his community.

Fox News employee Sara Carter traveled to Del Rio, Texas – across the Rio Grande from Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico – to see Biden’s crisis firsthand in an exclusive “Hannity”.

She noted that Biden-appointed border tsarina, Vice President Kamala Harris, had not yet visited the border or discussed at length about it and how the crisis could be resolved.

In nearby Uvalde, she interviewed the Mayor of Del Rio, Bruno Lozano, who was outraged by the lack of attention the crisis was receiving from the White House.

“This government is telling the American people that tax the citizens that [the border] is under control, “he said.” How is a 396% increase under control compared to 18,000 prisoners at that time last year – we’re 97,000 in that sector alone. “

Lozano said there was no accountability or deterrence for migrants who violate both federal and Texas laws.

“Not even a slap,” he said.

“You capture and publish. It’s that simple.”

The message of Biden’s open border – a claim denied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – is being “sent home” to the relatives and friends of illegal aliens, exacerbating the crisis, Carter said.

“You can hear the frustration in this Democratic mayor’s voice. He really wants the government to listen,” she said.

Carter also interviewed a local Uvalde rancher named John, who echoed Lozano when he acknowledged Biden’s refusal to face the crisis.


“I would just say it’s an unprecedented migration. I’ve never seen it so bad, I’ve lived here for 25 years. What I don’t want are all the problems,” said John.

“You know, we hear stories of guns and stories of confrontations. We get confrontational. People get confrontational with us. That’s not the norm.”

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