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A man died in the Nebraska police shooting after barricading himself inside a house

In a police shootout in Omaha, Nebraska, on Sunday, a man died after barricading himself inside a house and firing gunfire.

Deputy chief Ken Kanger said Omaha officials responded to a call regarding a white man in his thirties who was firing guns in a house.

Kanger said there was a woman in the house. A trained negotiator was on site and contacted the suspect, said Kanger. The negotiator spoke to the suspect for about 20 minutes, and the woman was released.

A photo shared online by KETV’s Emily Tencer shows an intersection cordoned off with police tape and a group of police cars.

At one point the suspect left the front of the house. Kanger said, “Orders were given and shots fired.” Several police officers reportedly fired their guns.

It was not clear how the suspect was related to the house or the woman who was in the residence.

Video shared on Twitter showed an Omaha neighborhood with police cars in the street and the sound of gunshots in the background.


Police advised residents to stay away from the area during the incident. They later said the situation had been handled and there was no threat to the public.

This is a developing story. Check for updates again.

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