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Bucknell University is reportedly investigating the attack on the LGBTQ home

Officials at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania said Monday they are investigating reports of an attack on a home by LGBTQ students on campus.

“We are deeply concerned about these possible violations of the student code of conduct,” the university said in a statement. The school said it hired an outside company to “conduct an immediate investigation into these measures and provide a full report to the Bucknell administration as soon as possible.”

The Washington Post reported that the incident occurred Thursday night at Fran’s House, an on-campus home for students who identify themselves as LGBTQ. The newspaper said a group of about 20 men arrived home and knocked on the doors and windows to gain entry. The men allegedly hit a pole with a pride flag that urinated on the porch.


Tyler Luong, the resident advisor, said the men were former members of Tau Kappa Epsilon, a compound that had been banned from school since 2019. When the campus police arrived at the scene, they appeared to be friends with the alleged attackers.

“We are both outraged and saddened that the residents have endured this violation of the space that is vital to them as a community,” said a letter from John Bravman, the school’s president. “These actions will not be tolerated.”

He said it was clear from reports that the school’s safety response was clearly lacking.

The Daily Item, the school’s newspaper, said residents of the house had asked the school to make the property – also known as the Tower House – permanent residents.

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