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Emergent, who ruined the vaccine doses, gave bonuses to its top managers

Mr. Kramer received a cash bonus of $ 1.2 million, the records show; The board of directors stated that it “clearly exceeded expectations”. Three of the company’s executive vice presidents received awards ranging from $ 445,000 to $ 462,000.

Sean Kirk, who is responsible for overseeing development and manufacturing operations at all of Emergent’s manufacturing facilities, received a special bonus of $ 100,000 last year, in addition to his regular bonus of $ 320,611, in recognition of his “exceptional Achievement in 2020 ”and for The documents show that the company’s contract manufacturing capabilities have expanded significantly to address Covid-19.

According to a Times investigation, Mr. El-Hibri, who received praise for using his connections, redeemed $ 42 million in shares last year.

Over the past two decades, Emergent has grown from a fledgling biotech company to a company with over $ 1.5 billion in annual sales. Much of its success came from selling bio-terrorist attack prevention products, including the anthrax vaccine, to the Strategic National Stockpile, the country’s emergency medical reserve.

The $ 628 million contract, awarded by the Trump administration nearly a year ago, was primarily to reserve space at the Emergent Baltimore facility for the manufacture of vaccines. The contract was signed by a former Trump administration official, Dr. Robert Kadlec, who had previously consulted for Emergent.

The documents show that Emergent Dr. Kadlec hired him as a consultant from 2012 to 2015 and agreed to pay him $ 120,000 annually over that three year period. In return, Dr. Kadlec ready to advise Emergent BioSolutions on “International Biosecurity and Biodefense Issues,” including liaising with senior government officials in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

Dr. Kadlec said that although he did not negotiate the contract, he signed it. The documents show that he recommended that Emergent be given a “priority rating” so that it can be approved quickly.

Rebecca R. Ruiz Contribution to reporting.

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