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Facebook has set up a special operations center for content related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – POLITICO

Facebook has set up a “dedicated operations center” that operates around the clock to moderate hate speech and violent content related to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a senior Facebook executive said Wednesday.

“We’ve done it in the past when there is a security threat on the ground and we know the landscape is going to change quickly. We’re taking employees from across the company and slicing them together,” company vice president of content policy Monika Bickert told reporters .

The center brings together native speakers of Arabic and Hebrew to “stay ahead of trends,” remove content that violates company policies, or restore improperly deleted material, Bickert said. “We will continue as long as necessary,” she added.

There is “no specific date” on which the center was established, she also said.

Bickert said the company had set up similar programs during the Australian and California wildfires and the Brazilian elections.

Online platforms are caught in the middle of the raging conflict with Israel and the Hamas militant group that rules the Gaza Strip. This week, Google’s YouTube removed an ad sponsored by the Israeli government for violating its violence portrayal guidelines, Motherboard reported.

The New York Times reported that Israeli extremists on Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging service fueled violence against Palestinians in more than 100 new groups.

Top Facebook lobbyists Nick Clegg and Joel Kaplan met with senior Israeli officials virtually over the weekend and were scheduled to speak to the Palestinian authorities this week.

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