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Blackburn criticizes Biden’s “bad” immigration policy: “They make every state a border state.”

Republican Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee, joined Hannity Thursday in condemning the Biden administration’s immigration agenda. She said politics “make every state a border state”.

BLACKBURN: You are shifting the burden on the states. And once they do that, they make every state a border state, every city, a border town. However, this is the first link in a chain of poor immigration policies. But they put these costs of education, childcare, housing and all health care on the state. What will the mayors of the blue city do when these communities of illegal migrants come to the cities? They will make protective cities. But what the Biden government is doing is exactly that. You have now arrested five hundred thousand people from one hundred and sixty countries at the border. They put them on airplanes and fly them to states without knowing the governors.

And one of the things that is so outrageous is you have the cartels. Nobody crosses the border unless they go through a cartel. But what does the federal government do then? They stop working for the cartel because as soon as someone is caught, they take them. The taxpayer pays for it and we find out they fly them and take them to a neighborhood near you.


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