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SNL’s Pete Davidson reflects on the coronavirus, the show’s low ratings – and Chrissy Teigen

“Saturday Night Live” actor Pete Davidson returned to the Weekend Update segment for the show’s season finale this weekend to get a few things off the chest.

He spoke about his concerns about the coronavirus pandemic – and shot the accused cyberbully Chrissy Teigen and the soon-to-be-divorced Bill Gates.

“I was so concerned even before the pandemic that my brain had no room for anything new to panic about,” he said, claiming he couldn’t now Be nervous that public toilets would give him the coronavirus if “I’m already afraid they would give me AIDs”.

After Colin Jost, co-host of Weekend Update, discovered that people weren’t getting AIDs from toilets, Davidson replied, “AIDs are very similar to ‘SNL’, it’s still here, it’s just that nobody’s since the 90’s was more enthusiastic. “

As an aside, Davidson claimed that the creator and executive producer of ‘SNL’ Lorne Michaels wrote the self-deprecating joke.

Davidson also pondered what he saw as the few good things that had emerged from the pandemic, including “getting Chrissy Teigen out of our lives”.

“I’m relieved,” he said, shaking off the model and TV personality who recently lost their advertising deals after being called for cyberbullying.

Davidson also mocked Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, saying some people were upset about getting the COVID vaccine because they fear Gates would take the opportunity to microchip them.

Chrissy Teigen was accused of cyberbullying.  (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen was accused of cyberbullying. (Getty Images)

“But believe me, if he were such a bad genius, Melinda would have signed a prenup,” he said, referring to Gates’ estranged wife who, when she divorces, is set to become one of the most independent wealthy women in the world.


Jost and co-anchor Michael Che also took photos of well-known politicians.

Che said insiders praised President Biden for his “light touch” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the ceasefire deal with Hamas last week.

“But in fairness everything Biden does involves some kind of touch,” joked Che as he showed a graphic of Biden getting uncomfortably close to several women.

Jost mentioned that Biden took the brand new electric Ford F-150 for a test drive in Michigan last week.

“And I know what you’re thinking, ‘He’s old, I bet he drives slowly.’ Well, watch this, “he said when the show was cut to a clip of the president peeling off the Ford plant’s test site.

“Jesus, Joe, I’m not going to lie. That made me think we would soon have our first female president,” laughed Jost, referring to Vice President Kamala Harris’ status as vice president.

The last time a man Biden’s age drove this fast, “he was traveling into the future,” joked Jost, pointing to a photo of actor Christopher Lloyd as the white-haired Emmett “Doc” Brown character from “Back to the Future” from 1985.

In yet another argument about Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal in New York, Che found that New York City had lifted restrictions on restaurants and salons this week to bring them back to 100% capacity.

“New York state nursing homes remain at 900%,” he vacillated.

Joe Biden (left) and Andrew Cuomo (July 27, 2015) in New York City were the targets of some "SNL" Jokes on Saturday night.  (Getty Images)

Joe Biden (left) and Andrew Cuomo (July 27, 2015) in New York City were the targets of some “SNL” jokes on Saturday night. (Getty Images)

However, the co-hosts made sure the Republicans got ripped off in this segment.

“Who can forget the time when the President tried to assassinate Congress?” Jost said about the Capitol uprising. “Apparently Congress can,” he joked of the Republican opposition to a non-partisan commission on January 6th.

“The Republicans just want to forget that there has ever been riots and focus on the future of their party. And the future of their party is of course … yikes,” said Jost, as a photo of Rep. Matt Gaetz behind him appeared.

Jost went on to impale Gaetz over his sexual misconduct allegations, stating that one of the congressman’s ex-girlfriends agreed to cooperate in the investigation against him.

“But only after her prom,” said Jost.

Later, at the end of the season, the two co-hosts continued their tradition of writing offensive jokes so the other could read them invisibly in the air.


Jost warned the audience that everything he wanted to say had been written by Che – and was probably intended to joke Jost into being racist – so Jost hoped he wouldn’t be canceled or his family would receive threats afterward .

Jost, who is white, then went through several racist jokes written by Che, who is black, including a terrifying joke about a new “Black Superman” movie.

“In this version, Superman’s kryptonite is an honest day’s work,” Jost said before putting his head in his hands and crying with laughter while Che pretended to be offended.

Another joke, written by Jost, was made by Che, who is often critical of the police, claiming he was probably the only black “brave” enough to say that “blue lives are more important” than blacks.

Jost ended the cancellable jokes by forcing him to say, “Woody Allen is innocent.”

The season finale on Saturday was hosted by “The Queen’s Gambit” star Anya Taylor-Joy with the musical guest Lil Nas X. The next season of “SNL” starts in autumn.

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