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UK Black Lives Matter activist in hospital after being shot – POLITICO

LONDON – A prominent Black Lives Matter activist is being treated in hospital after being “brutally assaulted” in London in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sasha Johnson, the 27-year-old who became the first organizer of the first Million People March in London to protest systemic racism in the UK last August, was shot in the head, according to BBC reports.

The Taking the Initiative Party, of which she is a leading member, told the broadcaster that Johnson was being treated in intensive care after being rushed to a hospital in south London with life-threatening injuries.

The Metropolitan Police, which issued a statement about the shooting in Peckham, south London, did not confirm Johnson’s identity, but said officials believed the shooting occurred near a house that was being used for a party and that a number of people could have been in the area. “

“Nothing suggests that the woman who was shot was the subject of a targeted attack or that she had received credible threats against her prior to this incident,” the statement added.

Imarn Ayton, a friend and co-activist of Johnson, told the BBC she did not believe Johnson was the “intended victim”.

“As far as I know … this incident is more related to rival gangs than to their activism,” Ayton said.

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