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Kwame Brown defends Cam Newton in explosive months after the camper spat

Kwame Brown, the former top NBA draft pick, made an explosive rant on social media Tuesday and rewarmed an incident between NFL star Cam Newton and a camper from February.

Newton got into a violent exchange with a young Heckler in the camp who shot the New England Patriots quarterback for becoming a “free agent”. Newton lit the flames when he replied “I am rich” and asked about the boy’s father. He added that he had no disrespect for the child, but if the boy wanted the attention, he was ready to give it to him “immediately”.


While the topic was apparently put to bed in the off-season, Brown sparked the moment in the middle of his feud with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Brown said if the boy had been involved in the sport in his day, the boy would have been hit by the trainer.

“If a kid walked up to the size of a Cam Newton coach and talked the way that boy spoke to Cam Newton back then … that coach would have knocked the living out of him,” Brown said on video captured by Black Sports Online . “They would have gone to his mother and told him that you would not speak to such a man. Where is this boy’s father? He would have looked past his mother – where is this boy’s father? And if the father wasn’t there , The coach would have said: “This is what he needs. Now get the FK off my field. “

“And if that little boy came back to practicing, if the coach would let him, his a * s would have to earn the right to be around men, young men, and he should have respected everyone out there before getting to his He’d be back on the field. He should have run a little, a few ups and downs, a few burpees, all sorts of things. And that’s how you teach that little boy respect. “

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Brown said that if Newton had reciprocated in any way, the brunt of the criticism would have been on him, rather than looking at the so-called disrespectful way he was treated.

“… If Cam Newton knocked the hell out of this little boy like he deserved it, you’d take his money because it’s all about money. You want to turn grown men into women. You’d take his money. You would dox him, you’d tell him how wrong he was, you’d label him abusive to kids and you’re overlooking the fact that you just created the worst little son in the world, and that little f – ker is going to be a man and spoke to an (N word) that’s great right now.

“Cam Newton tore down barriers. Do you know how hard it is to be a black quarterback? And a little punk who doesn’t prove a mother-king thing … I wish I was out there. I would have berated your mother . ” – a * s out.

“I don’t care who is offended by this, it was disrespectful.”

Brown then compared the Heckler to Barnes and Jackson, saying that these are types of men who are being created today.


Brown was on the receiving end of some thrusts from the two former players and Gilbert Arenas. The former Washington Wizards striker has had some back and forth with the two of them over the past few days on social media.

The ex-NBA player was voted number 1 by the Wizards in 2002 but is widely viewed as a failure.

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