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Schumer will force the January 6th vote this week

The bill establishing the commission passed in Parliament last week has met with fierce opposition from Senate Republicans, including minority leader Mitch McConnell, who reiterated his concerns about the commission at a private GOP lunch on Tuesday.

“It’s a purely political exercise that adds nothing to the total amount of information,” McConnell told reporters after lunch.

Democrats argue that the commission is necessary to investigate the events that led to the January 6 uprising. Under the House’s proposal, brokered by Reps Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) And John Katko (RN.Y.), the 10-member commission would be split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, and the members of the commission would be the Have the right to summon.

However, Republicans have raised concerns about the composition of the commission as well as the timing of the commission’s results. While some expressed their openness to the idea, that changed after Kevin McCarthy and McConnell, chairman of the minority House of Representatives, opposed it last week.

“I’m sorry that it can be bad policy for Republicans in their interim campaigns,” Schumer told reporters on Tuesday. “The democratically run Congress will not just sweep January 6 under the carpet. The truth will come out. “

McConnell warned his Caucus Tuesday that the report could be released midway through the 2022 election cycle if control of the House and Senate is at stake, participants said. Additionally, Republicans argue that the commission would duplicate the work of law enforcement and separate the investigation from the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees.

Democrats see otherwise, arguing that blocking the bipartisan commission would only underscore the GOP’s loyalty to former President Donald Trump. The fight for the commission would be the first filibuster of this Congress to deliver progressive ammunition in their fight against the 60-vote threshold.

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