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Guards smuggled drugs and razors into New York prisons, prosecutors say

The federal prosecutor’s office announced charges against seven law enforcement officers Wednesday, accusing them and two other law enforcement officers of using thousands of dollars in bribes to smuggle razor blades, drugs and other contraband goods to inmates in New York City prisons.

Prosecutors said it took an officer more than $ 6,000 to covertly bring scalpels, cell phones and smokable K2 synthetic marijuana to the Manhattan Detention Complex, a facility known colloquially as Tombs.

They said an adviser was charged with taking over $ 40,000 in bribes to smuggle K2 and other contraband goods into the Otis Bantum Correctional Center on Rikers Island.

The nine defendants, current and former employees of the department, have been arrested and are due to appear before federal judges in New York and elsewhere, the government said.

Margaret Garnett, the city’s investigative commissioner, said the crimes reflected the “harmful and harmful effects of corruption.”

“Corrections officers and staff should protect the integrity of prisons, not promote lawlessness and violence,” said Ms. Garnett.

Correction Commissioner Cynthia Brann described the arrests as “deeply worrying” in a statement.

“We have no tolerance for behaviors that make our prisons more dangerous and endanger our hardworking staff and the people who live in our facilities,” she said.

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