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Opinion | With the end of the Covid Lockdowns, diet and wellness profiteers are moving in

While the pandemic was raging, we were told to confiscate ourselves to stay healthy and protect others. For many of us, this has meant leading a more home-bound life than normal.

We have developed a close familiarity with the textures of our couch. We are deeply connected to the softest items in our wardrobe. We hit vitamin D supplements to balance our vampiric relationship with the sun.

Now that we are slowly emerging from our collective hibernation, it is not surprising that many of our bodies have changed.

But where we might see new curves, the American weight loss industry, with annual sales of $ 70 billion, is only seeing profit. And so the diet hustlers and charlatans pelted us with offers of products and routines that promise to withdraw “quarantine 15” (and at the same time withdraw our money).

As we show in the opinion video above, these opportunists are simply chasing our insecurities at a particularly vulnerable point in time when we return to society and spread the age-old myth that weight is the best measure of a person’s health.

If there was ever a time when we should be kind to ourselves and to others – especially our bodies – it would be now. You lived through a pandemic and you did your part to end it. That’s reason to feel good.

Tala Schlossberg (@ TalSchlossberg) is a producer and animator at Opinion Video.

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