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Texas Democrats Stymie GOP Voting Act, for now

While Republican lawmakers have to start from scratch when Mr. Abbott calls a special session, it’s possible they could simply use the same language and terms of SB 7.

The effort in Texas, a large state with a booming population, marks the culmination of the Republicans’ national effort after losing President Donald J. Trump to Joseph R. Biden Jr law in Iowa, Georgia, and Florida last year 2021. Fueled by Mr Trump’s false claims about widespread election fraud, Republicans passed the bills almost entirely on partisan patterns, wiping out protests from Democrats, civil rights groups, constituencies. Corporations and religious leaders.

But the party’s setback in Texas is unlikely to ease pressure from the Washington Democrats to pass new federal electoral laws. President Biden and key Democrats in Congress are facing mounting demands from their party to do whatever is necessary – including the abolition of the Senate filibuster, which moderate senators have opposed – to push through a major overhaul of the suffrage and elections that the Wave is making Republican laws would counteract.

After the Texas law was published on Saturday, Mr. Biden, along with similar measures in Georgia and Florida, denounced it as an “attack on democracy” and blew up the moves in a statement as “disproportionate to black and brown Americans.”

He called on Congress to pass Democrats’ voting laws, the most ambitious of which, the For the People Act, would expand access to ballot papers, reduce the role of money in politics, strengthen enforcement of existing electoral laws, and curb gerrymandering . Another measure, the narrower John Lewis Voting Rights Act, would restore crucial portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that were rejected by the Supreme Court in 2013, including requiring that some states get federal approval before changing their electoral laws .

Aside from Texas, several states including Arizona, Ohio, and Michigan have ongoing parliaments that may pass new voting laws. Michigan Republicans have pledged to circumvent a likely veto by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer by collecting signatures from citizens and trying to pass new restrictions through an electoral initiative.

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