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Moderna doubles EU vaccine production with new Dutch location – POLITICO

Moderna will begin production of a converted version of its coronavirus vaccine in the Netherlands, doubling the company’s expected EU production, the company announced today.

The new contract with subcontractor Lonza will allow Moderna to produce around 300 million cans per year from the end of 2021, making 600 million cans per year in the EU.

The American company currently does not manufacture any active ingredient in the EU. Instead, it has outsourced the production of vaccine substances to Lonza’s facility in Switzerland to supply the EU, UK and Canada. However, production problems there forced the company to cut planned deliveries to the UK and Canada earlier this year.

The company shipped 10 million cans to the EU at the end of March and is expected to deliver 35 million cans by the end of June.

Moderna’s expected dose estimate of 600 million is based on whether the converted vaccine requires 50 micrograms of active ingredient per dose and is regulatory approved. The company is testing modified versions of its vaccine, which has been approved in the EU since early January.

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