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George P. Bush: Biden’s border crisis has resulted in America in chaos

It seems that President Biden has forgotten that a secure border is essential to maintaining a sovereign nation. His administration’s message that America’s borders are open has left our southern border uncontrolled. Human traffickers, criminals of all backgrounds, and those who want to fundamentally violate the American lifestyle, exploit and benefit from those who come to America hungry for freedom and opportunity.

As a Texan with Hispanic roots, I have watched closely as the Biden government overturned rule after rule, destroying America’s sense of law and order. And I’ve had enough.

In Texas we are living with the consequences of President Biden’s disastrous policies.

Americans across the country hear of the larger, long-term effects of these chaotic policies, but less often discuss the immediate and local consequences.

Texas border guards found more than 150 illegal immigrants in two people smuggling attempts

Parents, especially in our border towns, live with the worry that their children will be drawn into the brutal cartel wars that have easily immigrated into our state.

Families fear that local law enforcement agencies cannot respond to day-to-day emergencies because they are busy chasing the roughly 2,000 pounds of harmful and illegal substances that cross the border each month.

What has to happen at the border is pretty simple and can be done relatively quickly.

First we need to finish the wall – both physically and virtually. For the past few months we’ve watched the federal government razor-wire the United States Capitol and deploy the National Guard. Our southern border is no less important and needs to be secured. Still, the Biden administration has stopped all progress in completing the wall and securing our southern border to keep out human traffickers, drug cartels and criminals.


Second, we need to reform our asylum law. Our immigration system is fundamentally broken. If you cross the border illegally, you can apply for asylum. There is no incentive to immigrate through the right channels. Asylum cases take years to resolve and many never show up for their court hearing. It is imperative that we eliminate loopholes in the asylum system. Asylum is said to be the last resort for people who want to escape desperate situations. Instead, it’s the first option.

Third, we need to restore the migrant protection protocols and the “stay in Mexico” policy. This will help control the flow of people and restore the sense of order at the border. The repeal of the Trump administration’s policies has allowed unaccompanied minors to remain in the U.S. with no impact, which directly resulted in even more children being smuggled across our border.


Beyond this borderline common sense policy, we need to talk about how we fully integrate all into the American family.

As the outrageous Critical Race Theory grows and tries to do it all about our skin color, we have to push back and do it all about America. “One of many” is a national motto for a reason. That means that people who come to America legally are more than just their ethnic heritage – they become Americans.

More of opinion

Too many leftists don’t want that. They don’t believe that assimilating all Americans to common American values ​​is the right way. I think it’s the only way.

I love this country. I grew up and learned from people around me and from my personal experiences that there is no greater beacon of freedom and freedom than the United States of America.

When our founding fathers split from the British Empire and a tyrannical government, they created something unique, incredible and rare. And during my military mission in Afghanistan, I fought with thousands of soldiers for precisely these ideals and freedoms.

We must teach American values ​​to all Americans without apology or ambiguity.


America was founded as a melting pot of cultures, and we are committed to preserving this rich mix of people who are different in many ways – but united in being America. The most sustainable way to continue this is to have a fair, orderly, efficient and safe immigration system.

It’s time to secure our border. Now. Before it is too late.

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