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Greg Gutfeld: The left loves the signal of virtue, because non-action replaces real action

Some beliefs are easy to debunk. For example, that was definitely not Kat Timf in a bar last night.

Clip of a woman who continues to dance and then falls off the rack

We are also told in the media that diversity is currently the most important issue in the workplace and in school. Everyone agrees on that. There is no diversity. It’s groupthink without the thinking part.

But if serious white liberals believe there are too many whites in unearned jobs, why not quit to make room for non-whites? I give the audience at home 10 minutes to stop laughing.

But if the Awakened agree that white students or employees must leave their leadership roles, shouldn’t they lead by example? Take CNN.

In a nation of more than 300 million people, there must surely be a better Jeff Zucker – a black man. The white man is terrible at his job, but he sits there, quite rightly. But if you ask this question, you are guaranteed not to be picked up by a single left-wing Caucasian. They want you to get your job on the market, not theirs.

They love the virtue signal because not acting replaces real acting. You can see that in the hilariously hypocritical world of climate change. As Campus Reform points out, Gen Z and Millennials – the kids we send to college to make them unsympathetic and unable to work – are most likely to engage in climate activism. And they are talking a good game. They will tell you to use less fuel and eat less meat. Which leads me to suspect that they are responsible for the last two hacker attacks.

But if you ask them to practice what they preach, they will collapse faster than a thriving economy under Joe Biden. If you dare to back up your words with deeds, they’ll collapse faster than a hammock holding Brian Stelter and his jumbo bag of fried donut holes. (Chris Cuomo feeds them into his mouth like grapes.)

Reporter Ophelie Jacobson visited Georgetown University – and spoke to students to see how much they would do for the planet. And of course: everyone agreed on the importance of combating climate change.

Clip of Jacobson from Campus Reform speaking to students:

Q: How important is climate change and combating it to you, the fight against it? A: Well, climate change is like everything. When you live, you want clear air and surroundings. // A: I think it’s important because the climate is something we live in and live on, so we have to protect it. // A: It directly affects us and everything around us. So, yeah, I don’t think people did enough for it. // A: Very important and very urgent. More should be talked about. // A: I agree. It is very important and should be taken more seriously. And it upsets me … that it was politicized.

Q: Do you think that as individuals we should do everything in our power to fight it? A: Yeah, sure. // A: If you see that it’s very important, why not? This shouldn’t be a question. // A: It will affect us directly, so we should do all we can.

Q: Biden released a climate change plan to address the crisis – would you support such a plan? Answer: yes. // A: Would follow it in general if it were right. // A: Yes. He actually mentioned it in his speech to Congress, right? // A: Yeah, definitely because it’s such a big topic. // A: Yes, I would support any plan to help him.

How considerate! Our future is in safe hands! If only you could pronounce the “t” important. Are ts bad for the environment! It is important to me!

But what if you ask them to sign a promise to actually do their part? What do you think?

Clip of Jacobson from Campus Reform speaking to students:

Q: Do you promise to stop all personal air travel? So never use an airplane, especially when traveling internationally? Do you promise to have a cold dinner three times a week to reduce the frequency of use of your stove as it creates carbon emissions? And would you commit to living somewhere where you could only use one bike, so sell your car, bike to work to school every day? When you’ve vowed to do all three things, you can sign the pledge. But if you don’t … A: I’m sorry we have to go.

Wow, they fled like Charlie Rose was chasing them, in an open robe with a glass of Vick’s Vapor Rub! Let’s hear more!

Clip of Jacobson from Campus Reform speaking to students:

Q: So you would never fly on an airplane again? A: I mean, that could be a little difficult.

Q: Would you be willing to do all of these three things? Never travel by plane again? Never use a car? Eat cold dinner? To fight climate change? A: Yes for a limited time. Q: For the rest of your life? A: Probably not. I travel a lot so it would be difficult. How else should I walk, how else should I get around? // A: I have a cold dinner three times a week. Q: What about the others? A: Uh, maybe not. // A: I can definitely swear to make the first, but I don’t know what the second is because it would be difficult to find meals that don’t need to be cooked.


Wait – he says it would be difficult to find uncooked food to eat. Apparently he has never heard of that thing called an apple. Is that stopping him from saving the planet? His fear of a cold, hot bag. In the end —

Clip of Jacobson from Campus Reform speaking to students:

Q: Looking at this plan many politicians are pushing for it, obviously President Biden created it, do you think they will be the ones to stop their air travel, stop using cars, or do you think they will go? keep doing the same thing while asking other Americans to stop? A: I think they will continue to do the same. It’s annoying and rude because if they want us to stop, why don’t they stop too? // A: That’s not fair. For me that is selfishness. // A: Again, if you expect us to do it, then you expect everyone to do it. // A: It seems like they’re lying everywhere, so I’d say it’s pretty hypocritical to say that all Americans should stop when they aren’t.

It’s almost like you’ve just learned something. So it’s easy to make fun of young minds advocating crap they really haven’t thought through. That’s why we do it! It is Friday! And that’s why God made democrats. You never have a second thought because finding the first is hard enough.

It’s not the children’s fault alone – schools taught people to think. Now they are teaching you how to feel. And most of all, feeling bad. Over the planet. About America. About their past as oppressors. I wonder what the angry white man has to say?

Tom Shillue, angry white man: People ask me if I believe in the concept of privilege. You can bet on it. Was I born with a range of benefits? Yes, I was. Do I owe everything I have ever achieved to these benefits? I do. My privilege – to be born in the USA.

He’s whiter than eating marshmallows at Brooks Brothers. Now the losers in the media are trying to convince us to eat insects to save the planet. We have to start paying extra for that fly in your soup. CNN forced a presenter to devour a cicada on live television. It was embarrassing, but some of their best work. I’m talking about the cicada. I wonder what’s going on on CNN now?

Clip of man and woman eating cicadas

When did CNN become the Food Network? Next up, Wolf Blitzer shares his recipe for a cockroach casserole with a graham cracker crust!

Research shows that what is taught about climate change creates eco-anxiety in children – and turns happy children into frightened baskets. Of course – this is their figurehead [picture of Greta Thunberg]. As if acne, Snapchat, and teacher unions weren’t enough trouble – kids are now shouldering the coming apocalypse. And do you know what some teachers suggest to help? Expansion of the curriculum for climate emergencies.


Yes, whatever makes these children sick should be compulsory for everyone! How is that not bullying? This is the world we live in right now. The planet is sick, but not from climate change.

It’s sick of some very lonely, media-inspired leftists who want to make their lives as miserable and useless as theirs. Can you blame them? Yes. Yes you can.

This article is an adaptation of Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue for the edition of “Gutfeld!” from June 4, 2021.

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