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Trey Gowdy Launches New Show “Sunday Night in America”: “The Journey Starts Tonight”

Trey Gowdy started his new show “Sunday Night in America” ​​by telling viewers that Sunday night is the right time to reflect on the most important things in life.


GOWDY: I’m Trey Gowdy, it’s Sunday Night in America. First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your evening and time with us. Time is the most precious resource we have … I am grateful that I spend part of it with myself.

Sunday evenings mean different things to different people. Growing up in South Carolina meant church. We went Sunday mornings, but my parents believed that one sermon was not enough for my three sisters and me. So we went back on Sunday evenings which means I missed Dallas cowboy football games. I want to make sure my people know that for the most part I forgive them for this.

Sunday evenings were a time to reflect … It was the perfect night to review the past week. Sunday evening was also the time to plan and prepare for the coming week. It was an evening full of anticipation and hope and a new beginning. Sunday evening can also be the right time to reflect on the most important things in life. Our family, our friends, our faith, our neighbors and our country. Sunday mornings are great, they are peaceful and they are calm … But on Sunday evening the serenity of excitement and anticipation of what is possible in the week ahead begins to give way …

I can give you two promises. First, I’ll make mistakes. I’ve been making mistakes for a long time. I ate my father’s contact lenses as a child and mistakenly believed that the cookies my mother made were for me when they were actually for the bridge club … my mother’s cookies tasted better than my father’s contact lenses … I will Make mistakes, Americans are forgiving people, I am grateful for that. If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you I don’t know … The other promise I make is that we’ll have a good time together. We’ll have interesting guests, we’ll give them plenty of time to talk. we’ll laugh, we’ll learn. We will prepare for the problems we face as a country. The journey begins tonight, this journey to truth, this journey to a more perfect union. That sounds like an incredible way to spend a Sunday night in America. I am so grateful to you for joining us.


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