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CNN’s Cuomo hires Sanjay Gupta to beat the U.S. coronavirus response while ignoring the brother’s mishaps

CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake Chris Cuomo announced on Monday that Dr. Sanjay Gupta enlisted to criticize the government’s response to the coronavirus but failed to mention the laundry list of his big brother’s pandemic breakdowns, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The younger Cuomo referred to his CNN colleague Gupta as “Captain Handsome” when introducing him, and used the 2011 film “Contagion” as a nudge to beat up America’s coronavirus response. The decade-old film with Gupta is about a widespread pandemic and the CDC’s struggle to find a cure.

The CNN host opened the segment by warning viewers, “You think we’ll be ready for the next one? You know this will happen again, don’t you? We’re going to have a different virus. ”He then said it was time to look back“ what went wrong ”and“ what we need to learn ”to tackle the next deadly virus.


CNN's Chris Cuomo and his big brother, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, have been plagued by controversy related to the coronavirus.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his big brother, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, have been plagued by controversy related to the coronavirus.

Cuomo aired a clip from Contagion and asked Gupta – who was on the program to promote his new book – how the government was not prepared for a pandemic when even Hollywood filmmakers appeared to see the writing on the wall .

CNN’s senior medical correspondent sounded the alarm about the shortage of masks and swabs in America as he explained why he believes the nation is not ready for the coronavirus or prepared for the next pandemic. Pointing out similarities between the film and real life, Gupta slapped the U.S. government at every turn without ever mentioning the backlash Governor Cuomo faced for his response in New York.

The governor has been accused of undercounting deaths in COVID nursing homes in New York, a staggering controversy brought up by New York Attorney General Letitia James, D.

The countdown came after Governor Cuomo’s controversial order requiring nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients to prevent hospital overflow, which critics believe is responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers. The governor lifted the order on May 11, 2020, six weeks after it was issued. The New York Times reported that the cover-up of deaths in the state’s COVID nursing homes was tied to the governor’s hopes of releasing a memoir bragging about his response to the pandemic, which was made public in October.


The liberal CNN presenter has faced his own controversies surrounding the coronavirus both in the air and outside. He had a series of playful conversations masquerading as interviews at the height of the pandemic, despite New York being one of the hardest hit areas in the nation. In one of the befriended interviews, the CNN host essentially went through a prop comedy routine mocking the governor’s nasal swab COVID test and using oversized Q-tips to demonstrate how big a nose his big brother has.

The CNN host regularly referred to his brother as “Luv Gov” as the anchor gave the governor a platform to showcase his leadership amid the pandemic. It took CNN’s Cuomo months without asking his brother about the nursing home scandal before he finally threw a softball and quickly moved on. It wasn’t until March, after Governor Cuomo was embroiled in several scandals, that CNN officially banned Cuomo from covering his brother again.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Chris Cuomo was a beneficiary of the Cuomo administration when he received prioritized COVID tests during the first few months of the pandemic when normal New Yorkers struggled. Even a leading New York City doctor was reportedly sent to his home in the Hamptons to perform such tests for visits that often lasted hours.

The younger Cuomo was finally diagnosed with the virus in March 2020. During the infection, the CNN host was caught breaking quarantine and seen outside on another property in the Hamptons, clearly in violation of his brother’s COVID guidelines. This led to an argument between the anchor and the cyclist who called him. The cyclist later filed a complaint with the police.


Also in April 2020, the CNN anchor bizarrely staged its own reappearance from the basement of its Hamptons home after widespread coverage of its outdoor brawl.

All of the controversy over the coronavirus came when the Democratic governor was charged with sexual misconduct by a number of women, which he has denied. CNN’s Cuomo survived yet another embarrassment when he admitted giving political strategy advice to his brother on the allegations and reportedly urged him not to resign.

The younger Cuomo has apparently botched coronavirus coverage on every corner. He also falsely told his viewers that the US government never took seriously the theory that it came from a Wuhan laboratory leak in China. Last month, he falsely suggested that the leak theory was a “newer concept” than the previous theory that the virus leapt from animals to humans after the Wall Street Journal reported that three Wuhan scientists were infected with COVID in November 2019 -like symptoms were hospitalized.


However, as the news analyst from NewsBusters, Nicholas Fondacaro, emphasized, Cuomo himself reported in April 2020 about the “breaking news” about the theory of the laboratory leak.

Cuomo ended Monday’s interview with Gupta by dismissing the need to find out the origins of the virus, shooting conservatives in the process.

“All that energy we’re wasting, ‘Was it the lab? Was it a bat in the wild? In the market or whatever it is?’ The same people who are now so curious they want to be right said, at the same time as the debate was earlier, ‘There’s no such thing as a pandemic. That it’s a joke,’ “Cuomo said.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn of Fox News contributed to this report.

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