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VA Parent Who Survived Mao: Indoctrination About Critical Races Of Scholasticism “A Repetition” Of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”

A Virginia parent, whose remarks went viral at a meeting of the Loudoun Schools Committee against Critical Racial Theory and Cultural Marxism this week, described on Hannity how public school teachings on CRT are similar to Chinese communist revolutionary Mao Zedong successfully divided the society in which she lived as a young child in the 1960s.

Earlier this week, Xi Van Fleet spoke during a school committee meeting in Leesburg condemning the school committee for the critical racial theory curriculum it imposes on young students.

“We teach our children to fight for social justice and to hate our country and our history. When we grew up in China, it all seems very familiar. The communist regime uses the same critical theory, which is to divide people. The only difference is that “uses class instead of race. This is, in fact, the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, “she said at the time.

In “Hannity” Van Fleet extended her warning to America as a one-time victim of mandated Maoist indoctrination:

“I just want the American people to know that what is going on in our schools and in our country is really a replica of the Cultural Revolution in China,” she said, calling the similarities “terrifying.”

“[Critical race theorists] use the same ideology, the same methodology, even the same vocabulary. The ideology is cultural Marxism. “

At school in Maoist China, Van Fleet remembered being divided into groups of “oppressors” and “oppressed” depending on the social class the student came from.

The same thing is happening in schools and other institutions today, except that it is based on white and non-white races, she noted.

Chinese deviants from Maoist doctrine have been labeled “counter-revolutionary,” while American deviants are labeled “racist” – a nickname that, in both respects, “like a hat that fits everyone” can ruin life and livelihood.

Van Fleet added that the left’s intention to “break” culture and “suspend” everything from public statues to references to inconvenient historical events to historical figures they believe to be flawed is what Mao was looking for when he essentially wiped out thousands of years of Chinese culture history.

“We basically canceled all pre-communism Chinese civilization and changed our school names, street names, business names, and even our personal names,” she said.

“Wokeness – to be precise – we used class wakeness in China,” she also recalls.


“Your alertness determines your chances of getting promoted or receiving benefits, and who decides your level of alertness? The party leaders, ”she said, implying that the same can be said in the United States for people and workers who do not attribute to the intended ideologies of their moral superiors.

Van Fleet added that she knew from experience that “freedom is fragile” and that many other Chinese-Americans know the struggle and see parallels between the cultural Marxism of the left and the Maoist revolution of the 1960s.

“[C]ritical race theory is not anti-racism. It is racist in itself. It’s divisive, it’s destructive, and it’s dangerous. “

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