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Democratic politics aimed at “controlling” the impoverished, “keeping them penniless”: Representative Kat Cammack

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., Who rose from “homelessness to House of Representatives” in less than 10 years, said Friday that Republicans have passed the homelessness and drug epidemic tale to the Democrats, who are themselves wasting everything have the ability to help affected communities.

Cammack, who represents Gainesville, told Fox News Primetime that Republicans had long ignored the homelessness problem, even if it bloated during the coronavirus pandemic amid socio-economic lockdowns that hit lower-income families hardest.

“Only in America can someone like me go from being homeless to the House of Representatives in less than a decade. That’s pretty crazy,” she said. “All these issues that have long been dominated by left-wing narrative, that people only need handouts and not their hands up. And that’s why I tell the story so passionately.”

Cammack, 33, who was born in Colorado, said her family lost their cattle ranch to a “major government program that lawmakers didn’t even read before it was approved,” leaving her family homeless.

“We had an opportunity to take a break from our bootstraps and really work on getting ourselves back into this American dream that everyone should be striving for,” she said.

“Republicans and Conservatives have the best policies to truly lift people out of poverty: capitalism. If you talk about the beauty of capitalism and what it has done to lift people out of poverty around the world, then it will never told. “


Cammack condemned the hard left’s belief that equality takes precedence over equality – with equal outcomes better than equal opportunities.

She said the Democrats’ social programs are not aimed at helping or lifting people out of their socio-economic condition, but instead “controlling” them. [them] and keep them penniless. “

“That is why it is so important that conservatives get involved in these issues and stand up for those issues where we let the Latvians dominate. I tell you, if we invest locally in communities and we actually shake hands instead of handing out a handout, “we’ll see some of the best innovative ideas come to light.”

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