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Law enforcement fears are changing amid anti-police rhetoric

Retired Tulsa Police Sgt. Sean Larkin voiced his concern about a more hostile police-hostile environment on Watters’ World on Saturday, highlighting fears American law enforcement officials have been calling the police to be “bad guys” amid an increase in crime and the urge to use the police as a villain do, experience.

“When I started this job, I was told from the start that you won’t be afraid of getting hurt on the job, you won’t be afraid of getting killed on duty,” Larkin said. “Is it a real threat? Of course. But you can’t think like that every day.”

Larkin noted that law enforcement fears are no longer that they will be injured or killed while on duty, but that they will be “smeared” for their work.

“What we’re especially concerned about right now is your name will get smeared on social media if you haven’t done something wrong,” he noted. “The point is that you are being sued civilly for something you didn’t get wrong, because your department is investigating you on a false allegation and you’re basically being given time off in the department. Those are the things that we worry. “

Following the death of George Floyd in May 2020 and the urge to cut law enforcement funding, many major American cities have seen a surge in violent crime, for which some Americans blame the Democratic leadership.

Police retirement also skyrocketed during a year of protests when major US cities like New York, Minneapolis and Portland decided to cut their police budgets.


“When I first appeared in 1997 when we testified in court, we weren’t the bad guys, now every time we take a stand, defense attorneys come after us. It’s no longer about the truth. This policeman looks bad on the witness stand and get my client out, “Larkin said.

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