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New York’s mayoral candidates take to the streets

NEW YORK, NY-As the summer heats up, America’s largest city is creeping out of its covid shell and the race for mayor is at its peak. The unruly primary is like no other in the city’s history – a partially virtual race with no clear front runner that is taking place while New York is still partially in shock from its massive pandemic losses.

With early voting already started and election day less than a week away, the leading Democratic candidates are on the final leg of a month-long odyssey that began behind zoom screens, now desperately trying to meet the New Yorkers who are on crowd the streets, cafes and outdoor restaurants.

The next mayor can face a number of problems: New York, once the national epicenter of the pandemic, is facing mass unemployment, a surge in shootings and hate crimes, and a crisis level of homelessness. And the election itself is unusual, three months earlier than normal, as the votes are counted according to a new system of ranked voting that has messed up electoral math.

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