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Migrant women are being forced into sex trafficking by human traffickers on the southern border; Sara Carter reports on ‘Hannity’

Fox News employee and investigative reporter Sara Carter discussed with “Hannity” on Thursday in an exclusive report how migrant women were exploited by sex trafficking on the US southern border.

“We’re talking about eight-year-old kids being sold into prostitution. It’s just awful,” Carter said.

“Worldwide, more than 25 million people are trafficked and slavery. There are tens of thousands in the United States, ”she continued. “When you think of the number of people who come across the border and pour into our cities, those we don’t even know … even those who have been arrested. Women and children being released and border guards … I’ve reported on this in the past, said that we are going to release them and we don’t even know if these are their real families. “

Carter also spoke to Lieutenant Craig Cummings of the Texas Department of Public Safety, who provided details of dire situations he had seen.

“We had a human trafficking operation going on and we had some women who would become pregnant in this particular case. … One of them was actually eight months pregnant and had to have sex here for money, ”said Cummings.

Cummings found that many women were forced into the sex trafficking to pay the traffickers to enter the United States.

“You were smuggled into the US to get involved in this sex trade,” he continued. “The sad thing is that they had to work six days a week to pay off their debts. And if they don’t come to work every six days, the money they would have made to pay that debt will be erased.” for this week.”

“A lot of the women who are sex traffickers, you know, are under eighteen to about twenty-five. They come here to find a dream and in places like this they find a nightmare,” said Cummings.

“These nightmares happen all over the United States,” Carter said. “This is happening across the country and this won’t be the end of our coverage of it.”


President Joe Biden enlisted Vice President Kamala Harris almost three months ago to spearhead the illegal immigration problem on the southern border, but Harris has no plans to visit the border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also announced Tuesday that the state would continue building the border wall that Biden stopped in the early days of his presidency, saying that the government “has given up its responsibility to enforce federal law, to secure the border and enforce immigration ”. Laws. ”

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