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“The Five” warn of ongoing urban “anarchy” after a man opened fire just inches from children in the Bronx

The Five co-hosts discussed how the upcoming local elections in places like New York will determine whether urban unrest will soar in Democrat-run cities across the United States.

“The Five” referred to a shooting incident in which the victim collided with several young children while escaping from his attacker through a street in the Bronx.

The Bronx incident, which occurred near Grand Concourse and Interstate 95, was captured on surveillance video released by the NYPD. It shows a black-clad suspect chasing another man who stumbles across a pair of children on the sidewalk. The attacker stops and shoots at close range indiscriminately as the man and children attempt to separate after the collision.


“The consequences of defusing the police are leading to anarchy in America,” said co-host Jesse Watters.

“The NYPD just released a video of a man being shot dead in broad daylight after walking into two young children on the sidewalk. Fortunately, the children are unharmed and the victim is likely to survive. “

Watters then turned to a recent Fox News clip of the Democratic Chicago Ald. Raymond Lopez, who criticized Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the city’s ongoing crime wave – and her apparent change of heart when she accepted federal aid now that President Trump is no longer in government.


“The problem is that the Democratic Party seems to be excited about the mentality of enabling crime on so many levels and there is no need to talk about identity politics. Sometimes voters just want the truth,” Lopez said earlier this week.

Host Dagen McDowell focused on New York, which is holding its mayoral election in November to replace temporary Democrat Bill de Blasio.

“This is the land of left-wing madness. It starts with the governor, and you look here in New York, that’s Cuomo all the way through to the mayor, the city council, the prosecutors who … demonized the police for making them move . ” back and people retire, “she said.

With Democrats holding 49 of 52 seats on the city council – and only one of the three Republicans from outside the city’s only red district, Staten Island – McDowell pointed out the Democratic primary candidates, who differ widely in their policies.

McDowell suggested that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a political liberal and former law enforcement officer, is essentially the candidate for law and order in this primary.


“I think one of the tests is going to be the Democratic primary for mayor here in New York City because of a man on top, Adams, a former cop,” she said. “If he wins this area code, he’ll be the next mayor because the other two are a disaster.”

In addition to former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who is also running, McDowell referred to former de Blasio commissioner for hygiene Kathryn Garcia and lawyer / activist Maya Wiley.

She noted that Garcia wanted to financially punish NYPD officials who refused to wear masks during the pandemic, while Wiley clamored for the $ 1 billion NYPD budget cut because of “the trauma of dealing with Police officers is a bigger problem than “crime.”

On the Republican side, the businessman and taxi driver supporter Fernando Mateo is in the primary of this party against the founder of Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa.

Sliwa has also touted a “law-and-order” message; He previously told the New York Post that he was “the only candidate with the onions to reclaim the city from the growing criminal element”.

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