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Biden’s older dog, Champ, has died; German shepherd was 13

“In our happiest moments and in our saddest days, he was with us, sensitive to each of our unspoken feelings and emotions,” said the Bidens.

Champ’s death leaves the Bidens with their younger German Shepherd Major, whom the family adopted from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018.

The Bidens could occasionally walk their two dogs on the South Lawn of the White House, and the dogs sometimes accompanied the President on trips to Camp David or on house calls in Delaware.

Major has made headlines for his bad behavior in the past. Major caused Biden a foot injury in November after the then-president-elect tripped over the younger dog while playing. Major and Champ were taken home to Delaware at some point, and Major went to school after the younger dog in the White House had two separate biting incidents and an unidentified dog appeared to poop in a White House hallway.

Champ, who in recent months showed his age in his graying fur and slower gait, was often a calmer figure.

The Bidens are expected to bring a cat to the White House soon to join the family.

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