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Yang and Garcia form a late alliance in the mayor’s race and draw Adams’s wrath

Mr. Yang and Ms. Garcia’s campaigns both denied that Ms. Wiley had been invited to Saturday’s events.

Ms. Wiley declined to criticize Ms. Garcia and Mr. Yang’s behavior together, although apparently she declined the opportunity to do anything similar.

“Candidates become candidates,” she said on Saturday. “I’ll talk to people.”

Ms. Wiley also received endorsement from VIP Senator Alessandra Biaggi on Saturday, another sign of momentum for Ms. Wiley among progressive leaders. Ms. Biaggi had supported Scott M. Stringer, the city’s auditor, but withdrew her support after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Mr. Sharpton suggested that Mr. Adams’ strategy appeared to be geared towards attracting as many black and Latin American voters as possible in places like the Bronx, Central Harlem and Central Brooklyn, and penetrating moderate white voters. Public polls suggest that Mr. Adams has a clear advantage with black voters, but Mr. Yang and Ms. Garcia also compete for Latinos and moderate white voters.

“He’s going to get some moderate white voters because of his criminal attitude,” said Mr. Sharpton of Mr. Adams. “With this surge in violence, he is the one who takes a final stand on public safety.”

The Yang Garcia event cost Ms. Garcia a ranking vote from Jumaane Williams, the city’s public attorney. Mr. Williams had endorsed Ms. Wiley as his first choice and announced his second choice on Saturday, including Mr. Adams.

Ms. Garcia’s alliance with Mr. Yang, he said, was enough to exclude her from his election. “As I said, while I am concerned about multiple candidates, my most concern right now is Andrew Yang for mayor,” he said.

For his part, Mr. Adams seemed to be enjoying the campaign. He appeared at Orchard Beach in the Bronx in swimming trunks, grinning and waving to beachgoers who shouted greetings from the sand. Then Mr. Adams waded out into the water.

The coverage was contributed by Anne Barnard, Katie Glueck and Michael Gold.

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