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Senator Rand Paul: “In all likelihood” COVID escaped from a Wuhan laboratory

Senator Rand Paul criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci on Saturday in “Unfiltered” over a possible “conflict of interest” related to the theory that COVID escaped a Wuhan laboratory, and said the NIAID director continues to make scientific errors related to the virus.

SEN. RAND PAUL: If you look at COVID-19, it doesn’t even seem to infect bats very well. It does not infect any intermediate animal. They checked 80,000 animals in the wet markets in Wuhan. None of the animals on the wet market would accept or be positive for COVID-19. But it looks like it’s best for humans. So this is worrying, and further evidence that, in all likelihood, this came from the lab.

I think if you look back on the last year and you look at the people who disapprove of the theory that they came from a laboratory, it’s the exact same scientists who come from a laboratory. So there is a real possibility that they have a conflict of interest.

This is possibly the biggest scientific mistake Dr. Fauci has done so far and continues to do so. He neglects natural immunity – the immunity you get after infection. All of the scientific studies, and I stress that “all” of the hundreds of studies now show that you have immunity. But if you ignore that and don’t count it, then Dr. Fauci: “Oh no, we haven’t vaccinated enough people, we don’t have herd immunity.” Now we need to have mandates for the children, and we need to force children of all ages to get the vaccine, although they don’t get COVID very often and almost never die from it. He wants to force the vaccine on them because he’s making a scientific mistake and not counting natural immunity.


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