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The Texas Republican says the GOP is pushing for a bipartisan infrastructure bill

With government spending “spiraling out of control,” Rep. Tony Gonzalez, R-Texas, told the Fox Report Saturday that Republican lawmakers are pushing for a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

REP. TONY GONZALEZ: I mean what a deal. Only 1 trillion instead of 6 trillion? I mean, for one thing, spending has really gotten out of hand. I would say the Republicans pushed really hard for a bipartisan infrastructure package.

Lo and behold, our streets are crumbling. Our bridges are falling apart. Our ports need to be updated. There is no doubt about that. But there are a couple of red lines for us: First, we don’t accept tax increases. That is one. I think there is an opportunity to reuse some COVID funds that have not been spent. I think this is an opportunity to get it going, but we really need to have the discussion about what infrastructure is.

And the other thing I want to add is that I would like to see some aspect of cybersecurity in it. We have seen some of the recent events with the pipeline, with the meat factory and other meat mills and others, so we need to make sure that cybersecurity is included in this infrastructure discussion.


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