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EU and USA start initiative against ransomware – POLITICO

The governments of the United States and Europe will coordinate in the fight against ransomware attacks, the number of which has increased in number in recent years, the US top security official said on Tuesday.

“We now have a new ransomware working group to tackle the ransomware scourge that has hurt the US and so many other countries so badly, Mayorkas said after meeting with European Justice and Home Affairs ministers in Lisbon.

“This is something we share, the rise in ransomware attacks during the pandemic, and this is an area where we can certainly do more together,” said Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs.

Cyber ​​criminals shut down the largest gasoline pipeline system in the US operated by a company called Colonial and the US operations of meat processing company JBS in May. In Ireland, a ransomware attack paralyzed the country’s healthcare system that same month.

Security experts have pointed out the attacks on Russia-based cyber criminals.

A joint EU-US statement said the EU and US would “work together through law enforcement, raising public awareness of protecting networks and the risk of paying the criminals responsible, and encouraging the states that keep the eyes open to suppress “this crime in order to arrest and extradite or effectively prosecute criminals on their territory.”

Mayorkas said the EU and the US wanted to combat the attacks “by sharing information, … sharing best practices and working together”.

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