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Tracy Stone-Manning is supported by the White House, despite ties to tree spikes

The White House on Tuesday expressed its support for Tracy Stone-Manning, President Biden’s election to lead the Bureau of Land Management, amid mounting demands by GOP lawmakers for her to be excluded from examination for her links to a 1989 tree top incident in Idaho.

“Tracy Stone-Manning is a dedicated civil servant with years of experience and a proven track record in finding solutions and common ground when it comes to our public lands and waters,” a White House statement said. “She is exceptionally qualified to be the next director of the Bureau of Land Management.”

Biden nominated Stone-Manning in April as director of the Bureau of Land Management, a sub-agency of the Home Office that manages states. The Senate has yet to hold a confirmation vote.

Stone-Manning has been spiked into trees for her ties to environmental activists who attempted to sabotage a timber sale in Boise, Idaho in 1989, and “many people could be injured” if a proposed timber sale were to take place.


Stone-Manning later worked with federal agencies and testified against two other convicts.

Tree spiking is a tactic that involves sticking metal spikes or sticks into tree trunks to prevent them from being cut down. It is considered a federal crime.

Protect the Public’s Trust, a watchdog group, called on the US Attorney’s Office in Washington DC to conduct a formal investigation into whether Stone-Manning broke the law against false testimony in her testimony before Congress. During the confirmatory process, Stone-Manning said she was never “the target” of a criminal investigation, despite admitting testifying to a grand jury about the tree-topped incident.

Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyo., Senior Republican member of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, was among the GOP legislators who urged Biden to withdraw Stone-Manning’s nomination.

“It is clear that Ms. Stone-Manning deliberately tried to deceive the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee,” Barrasso said earlier this month. “She told the committee that she had never been the subject of an investigation and still complained that the press was being investigated.”


Senator Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, called for the disqualification of Stone-Manning in a speech Tuesday. He pointed out that Bob Abbey, head of the Bureau of Land Management under former President Barack Obama, also called for her nomination to be withdrawn.

“It is one thing for this government to propose extreme left, extreme environmental candidates. It’s quite another to nominate an extreme left, extreme, violent environmental candidate, and she is, ”Sullivan said.

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