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‘Bachelor Pad’ alum Erica Rose recalls an ‘abusive’ bikini challenge that had men hurling eggs at women

Former “Bachelor” star Erica Rose talks about an unpleasant experience she had at a spin-off called “Bachelor Pad”.

The 38-year-old has appeared on numerous reality TV series, from the ABC dating contest series formerly hosted by Chris Harrison to VH1’s “You’re Cut Off,” “Dr. Phil,” “Married to Medicine Houston “and, most recently,” Below Deck Sailing Yacht “. But it was a competition she entered during the 2011 Bachelor Pad that continues to rub her in the wrong direction to this day.

During a recent appearance on the “Unpopular” podcast, presenter Jacques Peterson recalled a competition where female competitors were strung blindfolded in bikinis while men tossed eggs filled with color at the women they thought were the least attractive. Peterson said he believes it “could be the worst challenge on reality TV”.

“It really hurt, so I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore,'” Rose recalled. “Emotionally it was traumatic. Physically this F – King hurt.”


Rose, who first appeared on The Bachelor in 2006, said she was “shocked” by the “abusive” challenge. What struck her the most at the time was the information from Harrison that if she didn’t continue, she would have been eliminated.

Erica Rose talks about PTSD and the depression she suffered from after falling into

Erica Rose talks about PTSD and the depression she suffered from after appearing on Bachelor Pad.
(Ethan Miller / Getty Images for Studio 54)

“It was then that Chris Harrison said to me, and I’m sure he was told, ‘If you don’t finish this challenge and get eggs pelted, you will be eliminated.'” Rose recalled.

Rose later said she was confused again when on another episode a kissing contest was held and certain women who were parents were allowed to sit outside because it wasn’t “appropriate”.

“It wasn’t a completely fair show, even though it was a game show … I just thought it was unfair, they said that if you don’t sit here and let yourself be humiliated, you will be eliminated,” Rose continued.

The men were eventually told not to throw the eggs at the women so hard, but it was the emotional trauma that it caused that stood out the most.


“The point of the game wasn’t to hurt people. I think it was about humiliating them,” she said.

The reality TV veteran added that there were no other therapists on set other than a psychiatrist whose job it was to make sure that stars of the show who were prescribed drugs were taking them.

Chris Harrison ended his role as host of the

Chris Harrison retired from hosting the “Bachelor” earlier this year after coming under fire for defending former “Bachelor” candidate Rachael Kirkconnell’s participation in an “Old South” theme party on a plantation in 2018 would have.

Rose also revealed that she texted “Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss in 2020 asking for an apology for the humiliating challenge.

“I texted him and said, ‘You know, you never really apologized in public and you never apologized to me for the egg-throwing challenge,” she said.

While she was returning for the third season of “Bachelor Pad,” Rose said she had left the PTSD and depression experience behind.

“The only people there you could talk to about your feelings was a real producer who you couldn’t really trust because they sat there and recorded everything you told them on camera. Looking back on that year it was really weird to me because I went to law school too. I didn’t even really get through it, “explained Rose.


“It was really after the third season of ‘Bachelor Pad’ that I was really upset and really depressed for the first time in my life. I had never felt this way or since then. That was when I first went to therapy for the first time in my life and realized that I actually had a bit of PTSD from my time on the show, “she added.

Rose went on to say that the producers would invite her to certain events like anniversaries and weddings.

“[Producers] knew it was hard for me, but they weren’t really trying to do anything about it, “she concluded.


Bachelor Nation has come under fire in recent months, particularly related to Harrison’s departure. The dismissed presenter received backlash for defending then “Bachelor” candidate Rachael Kirkconnell after it became known that she had attended an “Old South” theme party on a plantation in 2018. At the time, Harrison argued that the times were different three years ago and advocated forgiving Kirkconnell.

Rose said it appears the show is now “sorry and woke up and be mindful of all that they do”.

“What is good, they should be, but they should be authentic and not just do it because the time goes on,” she concluded.

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