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Dispute between Cruz and Hirono at court hearing; Texans accused of “mansplaining”

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono reportedly accused Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas of “mansplaint” to her over legal originalism after asking a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday to underline a “personal privilege”.

The tense moment came when the committee questioned President Biden’s 1st District Appeals Court candidate, Gustavo Gelpí, a district judge on The Hill.

“I would like to ask my colleague, Senator Cruz, not to misrepresent my statement,” said Hirono, D-Hawaii. “You know what, all these mansplainings, please stop.”

Cruz had told Gelpí that Hirono was defending him, claiming that he would “not commit himself to originalism” in his judgments, “because originalism would prevent results it supports”. He asked Gelpí whether he intended to “follow the original understanding of the Constitution?” reported the Daily Mail.

Gelpí said he would follow originalism if it was appropriate.


Cruz then became frustrated with Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff from Georgia, who chaired the session and dropped out Cruz because he didn’t have time, The Hill said.

Senator Mazie Hirono accused Senator Ted Cruz of "mansplaining" on Wednesday after claiming she didn't believe in legal originalism because of it "Would prevent results that supported it." (Associated Press)

Senator Mazie Hirono accused Senator Ted Cruz of “mansplaining” on Wednesday after claiming she did not believe in legal originalism because it would “prevent results she supports”. (Associated Press)

“The chairman generally doesn’t try to step in in thirty seconds and I acknowledge that the chairman would not want those questions answered,” said Cruz of Ossoff, who took office after a special election in January.

After Hirono’s “personal privilege,” Cruz asked her to clarify what she meant, reported The Hill.

“You just said that I misrepresented something,” Cruz said to Hirono before turning to Ossoff, who was still pounding with the hammer.

“I’m very proud to have you got the hammer, but a personal privilege Sen. Hirono just said that I misrepresented what she said, so I ask her, what was misrepresented?” Said Cruz.

Hirono turned to Ossoff and said: “Mr. Chairman, very briefly … the thing about my colleague is that he always has to have the last word, and that is a fact.”


She added: “I have no objection to originality in the form used as it leads to decisions that I disagree with. I disagree with the way the court went about it – some of the members of the court and how they proceed with originality in order to get the results they want. So that’s it. “

Last year, Hirono accused Cruz of not listening while they were holding a committee meeting on Antifa, according to Mail.

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