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Michael Eric Dyson calls Trump supporters “maggots” and complains against “white men with floury mouths”

Liberal professor Michael Eric Dyson called Trump supporters “maggots” during an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday where he railed against “mediocre white snowflake men with floury mouths”.

“Speaking of maggots – I’m sorry, the MAGAs,” joked Dyson when asked about the Republican opposition to critical racial theory.

Dyson joined MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” for a segment that focused on the testimony of US Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley Wednesday’s support for the Department of Defense for “understanding” critical racial theory following a GOP warning – Legislators strongly defended that studying the “awake” theme harms military cohesion.


“As an intellectual and as a black man in America, I resent that we took the brunt of anti-intellectualism on ourselves,” said Dyson, addressing the wider debate surrounding the controversial curriculum.

“We have borne the brunt of the infidelity to this nation. And we’ve watched mediocre floury-mouthed white snowflakes, incapable of taking criticism, willing to hand out infamous denials of each other’s humanity, and yet “They call us snowflakes and they are the greatest snowflakes, that hit the earth.

Dyson said such “snowflakes” are “incapable of criticism. They are incapable of tolerating differences. They are afraid of,” Oh my god, critical racial theory is going to kill your mother. “They are not critical, they have no race and they don’t understand the theory, “he claimed. “Nevertheless, they are allowed to speak eloquently about the means and limits of rationality in this country and could not save themselves if the world were dependent on them.”


At the beginning of the budget meeting, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin accused of promoting critical race theory in military training, alleging that an official who was hired to conduct a review of potentially discriminatory practices by the Overseeing the Pentagon is actually a “critical race” is theoretician. “

Austin called the claim “false” and promptly rejected Gaetz ‘”anecdotal” evidence.

“I’m tired of hearing mediocre white men in their pulpits condemning women and transsexuals and all the other people they are not. It is time that we in America took this land back for sure, ”Dyson said of the exchange. “And to take the reins of authority so that rhetorics of compassion, discourses of empathy and love in the most radical sense prevail.”

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