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Biden on a fast pace to get endorsement from federal judges – but will he take on Trump?

President Biden received Senate approval Thursday for a seventh candidate for federal judicial office – making him faster than any president in more than half a century, according to a report.

However, whether Biden will keep up with former President Trump during his tenure remained to be seen.

Trump appointed more than 230 judges during his four-year tenure and led three presidents who served two terms: Obama, Clinton and George W. Bush.

Biden’s successful nomination of Candace Jackson-Akiwumi to the U.S. 7th District Court of Appeals has brought him a record of two successful appeals court nominations and five successful district court nominations since he took office five months ago, the Huffington Post reported.

That put Biden ahead of other recent past presidents in appointing Article III judges – those appointed for life in the country’s highest courts, the report said.

The last President to have seven successful Article III nominations in his first five months in office was President Richard Nixon, who, according to the report, had that many at that point in 1969.

The numbers of other newer presidents were all lower: President Trump had only got two Article III judges ratified (although one of the Supreme Court justices was Neil Gorsuch), while President Obama, President George W. Bush and President Clinton got zero ratified, it is said in the report.


President George HW Bush confirmed four, President Reagan zero, and President Jimmy Carter four.

The settlement does not apply to President Ford, who took office after Nixon stepped down in 1974 and inherited Nixon’s pending nominations, the Post said.

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