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Tucker Carlson: If “white anger” is a disease, how do you recognize it?

In 1851, a man named Samuel Cartwright found a rather elaborate scientific explanation for why so many slaves fled the plantations in the American south. These fugitive slaves, Cartwright explained, suffered from a medical disorder called “drapetomania,” a syndrome characterized by an “uncontrollable or insane urge to wander.” That was the problem. It wasn’t that they didn’t like being enslaved or that they longed for freedom and basic humanity. No. The problem, according to Cartright, was that blacks as a group were inherently flawed. They were drapetomaniacs. They always ran away. That’s what he said.

A hundred and seventy years later, it is already embarrassing to repeat such a stupid thing out loud. It’s so obviously crazy. But you should know that drapetomania was taken very seriously back then, as was Samuel Cartright. Cartright wasn’t a marginal figure at all. He was a nationally known doctor and former senior army officer from Fairfax, Virginia. He attended Penn’s medical school. Samuel Cartright was a distinguished scientist who enjoyed the respect of the country.


Fifty years after the Civil War, one of the leading medical dictionaries in the country continued to have an entry for drapetomania. In hindsight, of course, we’d call Samuel Cartright a fanatic, which he undoubtedly was. But he was also more. Cartright was a practitioner of what is called scientific racism. Scientific racism goes deeper than simple prejudice. It is the use of science to justify the dominance of one group over another. Scientific racism has as long a history as science, simply because the drive for dominance is inherent in human nature.

It’s not really about color, although it’s called racism. Instead, it’s about power. Martin Luther King wrote eloquently about it. Dr. Seuss too. You might want to take a look, assuming you can still buy their books. The point is, scientific racism has never really gone away. It’s still with us. Nobody speaks of drapetomania anymore. Instead, our medical professionals and law professors, military leaders and politicians and cable presenters have identified a new disorder that they claim explains everything bad. It’s called whiteness.


It has become an article of faith in universities that America could be a utopia without the indelible stain of white. Only whiteness stands in the way. So we have to get rid of it. As Harvard magazine put it: “Abolish the White Race”. Only then can we be happy. Many seem to think so. They’re not all bad people, just as not everyone who believed in Samuel Cartright in the 1850s was bad. Some people are just gullible. They are looking for meaning in their life. If you give them a consistent theory of everything, a few percent of them will buy it wholesale. There were nice people in Jonestown, Guyana. They just didn’t know any better. It is their leaders that you wonder about. They know better, or they should. And when they talk about this new iteration of scientific racism – when they talk about “whiteness” – they sound like old-fashioned fanatics.

This guy, for example. His name is Eric Michael Dyson. He’s a full professor in some stupid college. He lives in a rich, almost exclusively white neighborhood. He goes on TV a lot. Read what he says about racing and wonder if it sounds any different from Bull Conner or David Duke. Only the colors have changed.


MICHAEL DYSON: When you talk about the maggots – I’m sorry, the MAGA – which are so caustic at this political moment. … And we’ve watched mediocre white, floury-mouthed snowflakes unable to endure criticism, willing to hand out infamous denials of each other’s humanity. Yet they call us snowflakes, and they are the largest snowflakes to hit the earth. You are incapable of criticism. They are unable to tolerate differences. They are scared, “Oh my god, critical racial theory is going to kill your mother.” And they don’t even know. They are not critical, they are not race, and they do not understand the theory.

White men, they are the problem! You hear that so often that you don’t stop to think about what kind of change it is. Just a few years ago, people in this country could only be attacked in public because of their race. “I don’t like this group because of the color of their skin. Let’s hurt them.” You couldn’t say that. It was the only unacceptable thing, and for very good reason. You cannot sustain a multiracial democracy unless people of all skin colors have exactly the same rights and duties under the law and have exactly the same moral worth under God. That is the most basic requirement for a multiracial democracy. All lives must be important, otherwise it cannot work.

CAITLYN JENNER vows to oppose critical racial theory if she is elected CA governor

It’s pretty clear that for whatever reason, our leadership class doesn’t want it to work. Obviously they don’t. Check out what they are doing. When you hear people attribute blood guilt to a particular racial group – when you hear them talk about the sin of whiteness – you see the death of our future as a country. We cannot live in a nation of warlike tribes. We know very well what that looks like. It’s the story of the world. It’s bloody and miserable and vicious. We can’t let that happen.

Most Americans of all stripes understand this on some level. You don’t always have the words to articulate it. Your children come home with schoolwork that suggests that not all races are created equal. Some races are guilty, others are innocent. Some groups are oppressors, others are oppressed.

In universities it is called “Critical Race Theory”, which is the term that a lot of people use. “Critical Race Theory” – that’s what we talk about so often on television. But it’s an imprecise way of describing what’s happening. Like so much academic jargon, the phrase “critical racial theory” does not mean anything. It darkens instead of lightening it. It was designed to confuse you. What is happening in our schools, in our military and in our government is simpler and easier to see. It is not a critical theory of race. It’s racism. Not “Neo-Racism” or “Reverse Racism”. These are meaningless terms. It is racial hatred that is sold by those responsible in the hope that it will make it stronger. That’s all.


We haven’t said that often enough or clearly enough. And because we don’t – because we were caught up in a pointless debate about a concept that no one can really define – is racial hatred, and it is, seeped out of the universities and infected the whole country, even at the highest levels.

Mark Milley is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He didn’t get the job because he’s brilliant or brave, or because the people who know him respect him. It’s not him, and she definitely isn’t. Milley got the job because he’s submissive. He knows who to suck on and he likes to do it. Give him a script and he will read it. Yesterday, the man in charge of the nation’s weapons stated that he was working to understand a concept called “white anger”:

MILLEY: I think it’s really important that we are open-minded in uniform and that we get a lot of reading. And it’s important that we train and understand. I want to understand white anger and I am white, I want to understand it. So what caused thousands of people to attack this building and try to overturn the United States Constitution? What caused that? I want to find out, I want to stay open-minded here and I want to analyze it. It is important that we understand this because our soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines come from the American people, so it is important that leaders understand this now and in the future.


It’s hard to believe that the man is wearing a uniform. That’s how inconspicuous he is. Note that he never defined White Rage and we should know what it is. What is white anger? Well, like drapetomania, it’s one of those diseases that only affects people with certain levels of melanin. It is a race specific disease. Mark Milley learned that from reading about it. That’s why he gets his soldiers to read about it too. You need to know.

MILLEY: I read Mao Zedong. I read Karl Marx. I read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist. So what’s wrong with having some situational understanding of the country we are here to defend for? And I personally find it insulting that we accuse the US military, our officers-general, our non-commissioned officers, our non-commissioned officers of having “woken up”.

So Mark Milley reads Mao to understand Maoism, he reads communists to understand communism. But interestingly, he doesn’t read white supremacy to understand white supremacy. Why not? Go to the source. He’d get fired for that, and that’s the only thing he doesn’t want. So he reads about White Rage like it’s absolutely real. It’s a medical condition.


By the way, if it’s a disease, what age can you get white anger? Most of us assumed our two year olds were teething. Now we know it’s her whiteness that makes her so angry. Thank you, Mark Milley. We appreciate your contribution to the scientific racism of our generation. By the way, have you read anything about winning wars lately? Apparently not.

We could go on – expert after senator after professor after general – each of them spat racial hatred – know! White anger! – disguised as a new academic theory. We definitely have the tape. We’ll spare you. You saw it. It is everywhere. How do we get out of this vortex before it’s too late? How do we save the country before we become Rwanda? What should we teach our children so that they can live in a country that one wants to live in, where there are many different types of people who really like each other, who can work together, who are united by the fact that they are all American? That is the question.

This article is from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the June 24, 2021 issue of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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