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“Certainly not my intention”: Biden goes back to comments on the “Tandem” infrastructure law

The statement went on to say, “To be clear, our bipartisan agreement does not prevent Republicans from trying to thwart my family plan; likewise, you should have no objection to my dedicated efforts to get this family plan and other proposals passed concurrently. We’re going to let the American people – and Congress – decide. “

Some Republicans said Friday they viewed Biden’s comments as a deal breaker, saying the president hadn’t mentioned any explicit link between him and the Democratic package in the negotiations.

However, following Biden’s statement on Saturday, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, a key GOP negotiator, tweeted: “Washington has been talking about really modernizing our infrastructure for decades. This week, Republicans and Democrats agreed on an historic bipartisan framework and we should pass it on because it’s good for the economy and the country. “

Reversal comes after other, less overt attempts to calm the game down.

Top aides called Hill on Friday to say goodbye to damage control. White House press secretary Jen Psaki also tried on Friday to tone down the president’s remarks, noting that it was up to congressional leaders to control the fate of the legislation.

But while the Progressives applauded Biden’s remarks, moderate Democrats were equally frustrated with the president’s remarks. Several top Democrats said privately that the president had just jeopardized months of work.

The fears are particularly acute because the actual language of the deal has not yet been written.

Beyond his comments on Saturday, Biden will tour the country on Tuesday to highlight the economic benefits of the bipartisan package, according to a White House official.

This includes making remarks in the battlefield state of Wisconsin, which Biden won by less than a percentage point.

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