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Larry Elder: Vice President Harris, when will you discuss the “root cause” of murders in our cities?

Vice President Kamala Harris has just returned from Guatemala speaking about the “root cause” of the “rush” of “migrants” to our southern border after the elections. Harris said, “People are leaving their homes … because they have no options there to meet their basic needs, such as feeding their children or having a roof over their heads, or they are fleeing some kind of harm.”

But the United States is also facing an increase in crime, including murder, in many American cities. Why don’t we discuss these Root cause? It cannot be because, as Harris says of migrants, the people there “have no way of meeting their basic needs”. After all, these migrants come precisely because they see opportunities here that they do not see in their home countries.

But the local NBC subsidiary recently reported on Los Angeles: “One hundred and forty-one people have been murdered so far in 2021, an increase of 22% over the same period in 2020. In 2021, 600 people were shot in gunfire, an increase of 59% compared to that time last year. “

The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported on Chicago: “Children in Chicago are three times more likely to die of gun violence than last year. …


“Ten children aged 15 or under have been shot so far this year, compared to the three children who were fatally shot in the same period in 2020. … And that’s more than the number killed in all of 2019, the data shows. “

The city of Chicago often leads the nation in total homicides, but the annual homicide rate (murders per 100,000 people) in a dozen or so major American cities is often higher than that of Chicago – some of them much higher.

In 2018, the Pew Research Center wrote: “The cities with the highest number of murders per capita have homicide rates that are much higher than the national average. In St. Louis and Baltimore, for example, murder rates were over 10 in 2017. times more than the US average of 5.3 homicides per 100,000 population. “

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What about the race of the victims? The New York Post writes: “Victims of … homicides are disproportionately Afro-American. At least 8,600 blacks died from homicides in 2020, an increase of more than 1,000 compared to 2019 (7,484).

Violent crime is mainly concentrated in low-income, marginalized black communities, where the police are understaffed and the democratic leadership has failed utterly.


In Chicago, 80 percent of gun violence victims in 2020 were black. According to the latest data in New York City, 71 percent of the victims of shootings are black – although blacks make up only 26 percent of the city’s population. The tragic reality is that less than one black life was killed in America last year.

Is it police brutality and / or “systemic racism” to blame? On the argument that “racism is the cause,” Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute points out: “Anti-cops and many academics claim that the differences in racial crime are simply a product of racist police operations. Police officers are oversaturated in African American neighborhoods, ”argue the activists (without ignoring calls for help from local residents). There, the officers discover the same crimes that go undetected in white communities.

“But the corpses don’t lie. According to the CDC, blacks between the ages of ten and 43 die of homicides 13 times more often than whites, thanks to comparably high rates of violence.”

If one is unwilling to argue that blacks are simply genetically more inclined to commit murders, what is the “root cause” discussion?

If there is a terrible shootout in the city, the Democrats are quick to call for more gun control laws.


If there is an alleged police abuse case against a black suspect, Democrats are calling for police reform, with some elected officials even calling for the police to be excused.

When it comes to home ownership or wealth disparities, Democrats willingly speak of “the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow” while failing to address, let alone explain, the rise in unmarried motherhood in America after the 1960s. War on poverty. “And despite clear evidence of the link between crime and fatherlessness, the left refuses to talk about it The “Root cause.”

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