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Newt Gingrich: Critical race theory is spreading – but parents are pushing back, so conservatives can help

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is now at the center of the culture war between left and right and has become one of the most controversial issues facing the nation in recent months.

On the surface, it may seem like the progressives are winning as CRT infects schools across America, but fighting this racial indoctrination is truly a winning topic for conservatives.

According to the CRT, racism is a social construction that permeates every aspect of American life and benefits all whites (regardless of their socio-economic status) at the expense of non-whites. Proponents of the CRT believe the solution is to destroy many of the cornerstones of American society. Theory is a form of cultural Marxism based on race rather than class.


The media portrays CRT as a serious academic field limited to law schools. For example, MSNBC guest presenter Zerlina Maxwell said last week that CRT “relates to the study of structural racism and it is not taught before college or graduate school, law school. It is crystal clear at the beginning of this interview that critical racial theory is not taught before the law school Law degree is taught. “

CNN analyst Natasha Alford similarly claimed that “lies about the so-called dangers of critical racial theory have spurred legislation against teaching what is normally taught in law schools”.


It shows how adamant the left is about CRT being taught only in law school. Obviously they know how bad it would look if CRT were taught to younger children.

Which of course happens in the whole district.

More of opinion

In Cupertino, California, an elementary school forced third graders to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities and rank themselves according to “power and privilege”.

In Springfield, Missouri, a middle school forced teachers to position themselves on an “oppressive matrix” based on the idea that straight, white, English-speaking Christian men are members of the oppressive class and must atone for their privileges and “covert” white supremacy . “

And in Seattle, the school district told white teachers that they were guilty of “ghost murder” of black children and that they must “go bankrupt.” [their] Privilege in recognition of [their] stolen inheritance. “

Some school authorities claim they don’t teach CRT, but an examination of their curriculum shows that they actually teach CRT. In fact, Fort Thomas, Kentucky Highlands High School changed its curriculum to an elective to teach “social justice” while aligning the content of the lessons with the premises and goals of the CRT.

Parents don’t want their children to learn CRT – and are increasingly willing to say so publicly.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, the superintendent wrote in an email that although the county’s public schools “have not adopted CRT, some of the principles related to race as a social construct and story-sharing of racism are radicalized oppression etc. We encourage, through the Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism in some of our professional learning modules and our use of teaching resources, on standards of social justice that are in line with the ideology of the CRT. “

It is fitting that a school council meeting in Loudoun County was canceled just last week to restrict public comment. The crowd became unruly as people argued for both sides and eventually the school board cleared the room.

Parents don’t want their children to learn CRT – and are increasingly willing to say so publicly.

Loudoun County is not alone. A similar scene occurred last week at a school council meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.

What happens is that the American majority has finally found its voice – and speaks out in a big way. In fact, a recent survey showed that 58% of Americans find CRT somewhat or very unfavorable. Only 38% said they rated CRT as positive.

The American people are against CRT. Because of this, opponents of the theory overwhelmingly won the school class races in Southlake, Texas earlier this year.

The bottom line is that getting rid of the CRT in public schools is a winning topic for conservatives. But they need the courage to speak up and the knowledge of what CRT really is to do it effectively.


All of these topics will be discussed on my Newt’s World podcast this week. Rob Smith, host of the “Rob Smith Is Problematic” podcast, is moderating for me and has Ryan Girdusky as a guest. Girdusky is the founder of the 1776 Project PAC, dedicated to electing school board members who oppose the CRT, and the author of a new book entitled “They Don’t Listen: How the Elites Made the National Populist Revolution”.

As they argue, the radical left appears to be winning the culture war over the CRT. But ultimately they are fighting a losing battle. Because the American people know better and won’t be fooled by those pushing CRT on our children.


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