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Eric Adams’ lead in the mayor’s race shrinks after the first ranking selection

A new vote in the New York City Democratic Mayor’s area code suggested that the race between Eric Adams, the first night leader and his two closest rivals, had intensified significantly, plunging the closely watched competition into a period of renewed uncertainty .

A week after Brooklyn District president Mr. Adams gained a significant lead among those who voted in person last Tuesday or during the early voting period, a preliminary rankings preference count released Tuesday showed he was by a much smaller lead was ahead in the first mayoral election of the city.

According to Tuesday’s unofficial results, after 11 elimination rounds, Mr. Adams beat Kathryn Garcia by two percentage points, 51.1 percent to 48.9 percent – a lead of 15,908 votes – with Maya Wiley in third place.

However, those numbers could be mixed up again as the city’s electoral board issues results that will include more than 124,000 postal votes from the Democrats, with a more complete result not expected until mid-July.

Some Democrats, preparing for a bitter new chapter in the race, fear that the gradual release of the results could create suspicions about the choice of leaderboards and create divisions or confusion when the election results are finally announced despite the count’s timetable the absent ballot is not a function of the ranking process.

And while Mr. Adams said he would accept the election results, he and his allies have long criticized the ranking poll. In the final days of the race, Mr. Adams, whose candidacy was welcomed by many black and Latino working class voters, claimed with no evidence that an apparent alliance between two of his ranked opponents, and Mr. Adams himself used heated words on the subject, signs of ugly potential tension.

This year, for the first time, New York City mayoral elections use a ranked election that allows voters to rate up to five choices in preferred order. If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the first round of voting, the winner must be determined by examining the voters’ second elections.

The Democratic primary winner, who will almost certainly become the city’s next mayor, will meet Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels.

Mr Adams was 9.4 percentage points ahead of Mrs Wiley among those who voted in person last Tuesday or during the early voting period, and about 12 percentage points ahead of Mrs Garcia.

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