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US Olympic champion Gwen Berry hits after controversy over the national anthem

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US Olympic champion Gwen Berry fires back after anthem controversy: “I never said I hate the country”
Gwen Berry, a newly qualified American Olympic hammer thrower who came under fire for her demonstration during the national anthem at the recent athletics tests, denied claims that she hates the country she represents.

Berry took third place in the exams and let the team travel to Tokyo next month for the Olympics postponed by the coronavirus. But she drew negative attention when she turned away from the American flag when the national anthem blew and later covered her face with a shirt that read “Activist Athlete”.

Amid verifications and loud claims that she should not represent the US at the Games, Berry fired back in an interview with the Black News Channel on Tuesday.

“I never said I didn’t want to go to the Olympics. That’s why I started and came third and made it to the team,” said Berry.

“I never said I hated the country. I have never said that. I just said that I respect my people enough not to stand up for or acknowledge something they don’t respect. I love my people.

Berry said she specifically had a problem with a line on “The Star-Spangled Banner” that she believed alludes to catching and beating slaves. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT OUR TOP STORY.

For other developments:
– Gwen Berry, US Olympic gold medalist who snubbed the flag, sponsored by Defund the Police advocates
– Colin Kaepernick’s camp praises Gwen Berry’s “bravery” at the national anthem demonstration
– Experts hit Gwen Berry over the American flag controversy, suggesting criticism is hypocritical and racist
– Gwen Berry showed “courage” at the anthem demonstration, says Olympic star Michael Johnson Johnson
– WaPo columnist compares Dan Crenshaw to George Wallace for his “un-American” criticism of Gwen Berry

One survivor’s complaint reads: “I screamed in horror”
Raysa Rodriguez says she was sleeping in the Champlain Towers apartment building in Surfside, Florida when it began to collapse last Thursday morning.

“Something upset me and I found myself in the middle of the room,” she writes in a new lawsuit filed against the condominium company that operates the property. “The building swayed like a sheet of paper.”

Details of the lawsuit filed by Rodriguez on Monday were reported on Tuesday by the Miami-based FOX broadcaster WSVN-TV.

Rodriguez’s lawyer Adam Moskowitz says his client has been hoisting red flags over the building’s security conditions for “months, sending complaints and photos of cracks and other damage to the cooperative.

“Unfortunately, nobody seemed to take all of this seriously,” the lawyer told the WSVN. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

For other developments:
– Florida condo collapse: Biden travels to Surfside Thursday
– Outrage After CNN, Granholm Suggests Climate Change Could Play A Part In Surfside Building Collapse: “Ghoulish”
– Apartment in the Miami area that collapsed and bypassed local penthouse regulations
– Miami area condo building collapse: UConn pitcher recalls a harrowing incident and helped an elderly woman get out

CNN rattled after Trump mocked the network’s dismal audience ratings
CNN personalities turn defensive after former President Trump mocked the liberal network’s dramatic free fall.

Trump issued a statement Tuesday targeting some of his media opponents, highlighting TV presenters like CNN host Jake Tapper, noting that CNN ratings have “dropped 70%” and called it a ” wonderful thing to see! “

Widely regarded as CNN’s most professional journalist, Tapper took revenge on the former president in one fell swoop.

“If I had started and inspired a deadly insurrection and tried to undo American democracy, I might not be bragging about how many viewers it had. On every channel. But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cats. ”Tapper wrote.

Matt Dornic, head of strategic communications for CNN, went further and appeared to be celebrating President Biden’s administration.

“Imagine that. People are vaccinated, are no longer afraid and are enjoying their lives. If the tradeoff is that the ratings of any network will go down, I’ll take it,” tweeted Dornic. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

For other developments:
– CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ has lost 75% of its audience since January
– CNN, MSNBC’s ratings are collapsing due to a “serious credibility problem” covering Biden, experts say
– CNN’s Brian Stelter forgot June as a “Reliable Sources” rating tank in the Biden era


– Ilhan Omar told CNN: “I don’t regret” equating the US and Israel with the Taliban, accuses Jewish lawmakers
California man in Pennsylvania wanted “So I raped you” from 2013
– Wuhan ‘Bat Lady’ worked with military scientists on coronavirus research, including one who has now ‘passed away’, the report said
– Guess which city traffic is no longer the worst in the nation, the report says
– Wisconsin man turns 20 after killing his five-year-old son in an argument over a piece of Father’s Day cake killing

– China’s production slows as supply bottlenecks rock Asian industry
– Gold set for the biggest monthly drop since 2016
– Saudi Arabia plans new national carrier to diversify from oil
– Biden is considering new executive orders that will restrict big business
– Southwest Airlines under fire for canceling thousands of flights

#TheFlashback: CLICK HERE to find out what happened on “This Day in History”.


Greg Gutfeld examined quotes attributed to U.S. Supreme Court Assistant Justice Clarence Thomas.

The “Gutfeld!” Host said he agrees. “It’s about the mixed message and legality we get between the state and federal levels,” he said. “Medical marijuana is available in 36 states and recreational marijuana in 18 … and that number continues to grow.

“As Judge Thomas stated, ‘The federal government’s approach is a half-in-half-off regime that both tolerates and prohibits the local use of marijuana,'” Gutfeld added.

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