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Cuomo scandals disappearing from the news are the latest evidence that liberal prejudice plagues America’s media, critics say

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the newest high-profile Democrat to witness a career-threatening scandal that is seemingly disappearing from the focus of mainstream media. Critics say it is another example of the widespread double standards and liberal bias that plagues the American press.

“The media do not report the greatest stories, they report the stories that carry on their previous arguments. Think of the CNN hosts and the New York Times journalists as prosecutors. They’re not trying to inform the county, they’re trying to convince Americans. ”OutKick media columnist Bobby Burack told Fox News.

“They tell us that Donald Trump is bad, that white supremacy is our biggest threat, that Republicans are trying to suppress the vote, and that white men are to blame for everything,” added Burack. “Unless a story has enough juice to be spun as evidence of these talking points – the media has no use for it.”

Sheldon Whitehouse, Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam are among the high profile Democrats who get a pass from the mainstream media.

Sheldon Whitehouse, Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam are among the high profile Democrats who get a pass from the mainstream media.
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A recent NewsBusters study found that allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuomo have largely disappeared from mainstream media coverage. Stories about the nursing home scandal, which also had a negative impact on Cuomo, have also dried up.

Cuomo isn’t the only one getting a pass from the mainstream media. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., Has all but disappeared from the alleged Chinese spy Fang Fang. Incriminating reports of then-candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter were blacklisted, largely from social media, last year.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam refused to step down amid a 2019 scandal over a photo that appeared on his medical school yearbook page showing two men – one black-faced and the other member of the Ku Klux Klan. Still, the Democratic governor remains in office for two years after being pressured by critics on both sides of the aisle to resign.


The New York Times recently celebrated Northam’s survival with a glowing feature entitled, “Black Virginians Took Ralph Northam Back. Neither has Forgotten, ”which claimed he had become a“ racially progressive governor ”and showed“ how a crisis can also present opportunities ”for a public figure.

“After four years of amassing resistance subscriber dollars and Twitter followers during the Trump era, the mainstream media have no choice but to keep attacking the Republicans and covering up for the Democrats. We watch this day in and day out the media’s attempt to create a new character. ” for its viewers to hate, “Washington Free Beason reporter Matthew Foldi told Fox News.

Foldi, who worked as a Republican agent before turning to journalism, believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis receives constant abuse for embroiled in scandals that survived Cuomo and Northam.

“Also, the media can’t track their Democratic friends because they’re in bed – both literally a la Alex Thomas or figuratively a la Chris Cuomo, in bed with the Democratic Party,” added Foldi, referring to a Playboy Reporter dating former California lawmaker Katie Hill and Governor Cuomo’s little brother who is hosting a CNN primetime show.

Foldi said the all-white club membership scandal in Sheldon Whitehouse, DR.I. is “particularly illuminating” when one examines how the media deals with controversy between members of their preferred party.

“Whenever there is a whiff of Democratic controversy, the networks send their American Bridge trackers masquerading as Capitol Hill correspondents to every Republican office. In this case, silence, ”said Foldi. “Senate Democrats crucified Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer in high school, but each and every one of them escaped response when endorsing one of their current colleagues – via his wife for criticism after throwing his property on her lap to avoid.” – to a beach club with a longstanding policy of banning minority members. “

Conservative executives urge attorneys general to EXAMINE FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND GOOGLE ABOUT LIBERAL BIAS

MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC were all called out for skipping major developments in history last week when Whitehouse was confronted with a local reporter. The sparse coverage contrasted sharply with the constant coverage the Justice Networks devoted to Amy Coney Barrett during their 2020 endorsement, when they covered their membership in the Christian group People of Praise, which was criticized by critics with the dystopia of ” The Handmaid’s Tale “was compared. “

“Democrats love to signal virtue to eradicate systemic racism, but they have yet to comment on Sheldon Whitehouse’s decades of membership in at least three white-only clubs, and they know they can get away with it because they are not a ‘mainstream’ journalist would dare to press her seriously about it, “said Foldi.

The Times has a newsroom with left-wing extremists accused of harassing conservative colleagues. MSNBC and CNN have been viewed as extremely biased by many observers, network news is often accused of favoring the left, and free speech advocates have long been unsuccessful in calling for tech giants like Twitter to treat both sides equally.

NewsBusters Editor-in-Chief Tim Graham believes media coverage of ethics, arguments and scandals is “the most fertile ground for exploring double standards and liberal biases” that are widespread in the country.


“The New York Times can excuse Ralph Northam with a black face and still have tried to sink Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign by playing around on his and his wife’s tickets. You can try to get Trump to be impeached for interviewing foreign leaders about Hunter Biden’s patchy deals. and then it fails to seriously question Joe Biden about Hunter Biden’s business, “Graham told Fox News.” Reporters can grave to say that Obama’s presidency was ‘scandal free’ and Trump then as a perpetual motion machine Denote corruption.

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

OutKick and Fox News share ownership.

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