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Wisconsin Walmart employee attacks deer lost in store

A Walmart employee from Wisconsin reportedly attacked and restrained a deer that had come loose in the store a week ago.

The video of the incident shared on social media shows the worker in Baraboo, Wisconsin, sitting on top of the beast as it fights to escape.

A witness told KWOW-TV in Madison that the deer came into the store through the back of the building.

The animal was eventually released unharmed, FOX 11 reported.

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Weeks ago, another deer took up residence in a Publix grocery store south of Atlanta, Georgia.

“It was just shocking, why is there a deer in a grocery store?” Buyer Adrianne Dowdy said FOX 5 in Atlanta. “At first people freaked out, people ran like nobody wanted to be run over by a deer. Next it ran in my direction, so I ran to the side. ”


Eventually, a team from South Fulton Fire & Rescue penned the deer that Fire Chief Chad Jones said the team became disoriented after being hit by a car and released it outside where it ran away. The deer appeared to be limping slightly in the video.

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