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Experts are sounding the alarm over the solemn tone of the American media to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

The mainstream media had a celebratory tone ahead of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary, and coverage of the “sinister” speech given by Chinese Leader Xi Jinping at the event alarmed experts at the American press’ coverage of the Communist Party Nation.

CNN was recently derided as “Xi-NN” for declaring Xi the “real star” of the celebration, while ABC News tweeted a story about the CCP anniversary entitled “PARTY TIME.”

The creepy coverage of the CCP, responsible for myriad human rights abuses and murders, is the latest in a pattern by liberal media and tech giants using power and platforms to craft narratives that positively shine a light on China while providing information like that Coronavirus laboratory leak theory and downplaying brutal treatment of Uighur Muslims.

CNN TOASTED FOR BLOWING coverage of the Chinese Communist Party Anniversary: ​​”THIS IS XI-NN”

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping's speech on the CCP's 100th anniversary alarmed experts at the American press’s coverage of the communist nation.  (Photo by Shen Hong / Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua / Shen Hong via Getty Images)

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s speech on the CCP’s 100th anniversary alarmed experts at the American press’s coverage of the communist nation. (Photo by Shen Hong / Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua / Shen Hong via Getty Images)

“I think it’s because a lot of news organizations want to do business in China and are willing to tone down the coverage and not give context where context is needed,” writer Gordon Chang told Fox News. “I think that’s the commercial motive.”

Speaking from Tiananmen Square on Thursday, Xi affirmed China’s “historic mission” to control Taiwan and warned other countries not to interfere in a militant tone. Chang believes the mainstream media missed an “important message” sent to America through the communist leader’s rhetoric.

“What they should have said was that Xi Jinping has territorial plans for other countries. So he really said he was going to wage war on the region. And that was not pointed out, ”said Chang, adding that most of the American outlets lack context when reporting on China and have missed a key element of the speech.

“Xi Jinping talked about how the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, with their courage and tenacity, solemnly proclaim to the world that the Chinese people are not only good at destroying the old world, but also good at creating a new one to build one, ‘”said Chang.” That is ominous because it reminds of what Xi Jinping has been talking about for more than a decade … that the world should really be ruled by the Chinese.

The glowing coverage of the CCP’s anniversary came as the United States prepares to celebrate its independence on July 4th. Chang believes reporters and experts who glorify China should take some time to consider how this will affect the future of the United States over the holiday weekend.

CNN is accused of conducting Chinese propaganda after the country’s COVID vaccination rates were raised by China

“We have media that is in no way patriotic at a time when our society is at great risk, and you have Chinese media that is dominated by the Communist Party,” said Chang, noting that the Chinese media are largely either state-run or simply “propagate the party line” because they are obliged to do so.

“We have free media, which means people can do what they want, but the problem is that we are raising a generation that doesn’t understand the essentials of our society and our patriotism,” said Chang.

The author of the “Great US-China Tech War” doesn’t just blame the media, however.

“This is a criticism of our society,” he said. “And it is a dynamic that could lead to the downfall of our republic.”

David Stilwell, who served as Deputy Secretary of State for the Bureau of East Asia and Pacific Affairs from June 2019 to January, has been trying for years to get the American media to better cover China.

“This thing looks a lot more like the Soviet Union than the big, blurry panda they painted themselves,” Stilwell told Fox News, noting that American coverage often mirrors the China-driven agenda.


“They did a really good job focusing on what they call political warfare, information warfare, getting into our system and getting their message out there,” Stilwell said. “The media will monitor itself better … I think even more, the American people will have to demand more quality and not reward poor reporting and sensationalism.”

CNN was ridiculed In early June for the release of a report that stepped up reports on China’s coronavirus vaccination rates without questioning China’s statistics, which are too good to be true.

Stilwell agrees that many news outlets are lenient with China because of economic incentives, but he also believes that some reporters are simply unprepared. He thinks that if American media spent more time understanding China before getting into coverage, Xi and the CCP would not necessarily be treated so favorably.

Atrocities committed by the CCP were recently listed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, ranging from the annexation of Tibet in 1951 to the “grotesque human rights violations” against Uyghurs in Xinjiang from 2017 onwards.

“If they actually researched for more than an hour or so, they would find that this is Kim Il-sung, a North Korean-style personality cult,” Stilwell said. “It looks good at first glance. I don’t think they’re doing this because they’re particularly interested in communism. I think they’re just jumping on something that looks like good news.”

Another issue Stilwell raised concerns visas and fears that the CCP will not scrutinize them in retaliation for reporting that the communist government perceives as critical or negative. This could affect journalists’ reporting in Beijing.


Stilwell also made an exception on NBC News host Chuck Todd, who last month said critics of China should “watch your words” over an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

“I think Chuck Todd should be ashamed,” Stilwell said. “American leaders are supposed to censor themselves, that’s the worst kind of showing off. What other country would we do this to?”

Chang didn’t like Todd’s comment either.

“There is a regime that is trying to overthrow our government, that is overriding, we have to be clear about it, we have to talk about it openly,” said Chang. “All hate crimes are wrong … but we have to defend our society and be aware of it.”

Caitlin McFall, Cortney O’Brien, Edmund DeMarche, and Joseph A. Wulfsohn of Fox News contributed to this report.

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