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MSNBC legal analyst expects no further charges in Trump case: “I don’t see why it should be like this”

Neither former President Trump, nor anyone else associated with his organization, is likely to face new criminal charges by the Manhattan prosecutor, MSNBC legal analyst Daniel Goldman warned the network’s liberal viewers on Friday.

His remarks came a day after Allen Weisselberg, Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization, surrendered to authorities and was charged with tax offenses. The company itself is also accused of fraud because of allegedly not counted as income benefits from Weißelberg and thus of alleged tax evasion.

Goldman, best known for serving on the Democrats’ first impeachment team in 2019, appeared on Deadline: White House and took a moment to dampen expectations of future criminal charges against the Trump organization that would likely involve the former president.


“I just want to take a minute, if I could, to give the audience some kind of baseball insight into how these things often work,” Goldman said. “First of all, there’s no question that the prosecutor’s office approached the Trump organization and said, ‘This is what we’re going to charge you with. You can either pitch a pitch so that we don’t incriminate you, or we can negotiate settlement. ‘”

Goldman stated that such cases “were often civilly settled” and that the Trump Organization could have “negotiated in good faith” that would result in fines on a guilty verdict or conviction “if they wanted to,” but they “decided to do so.” to fight”. . “He also admitted that he was” a little surprised “that charges were brought instead of an agreement.

“You have already run for Allen Weisselberg. You also approached Allen Weisselberg, I’m sure of that, and said: ‘We have that, we want you to cooperate.’ Allen Weissenberg said, “Thank you, but no thanks. I will not cooperate. I will take my risk,” “Goldman said on the MSNBC panel. “He doesn’t face so much jail and I don’t think there is any more pressure to reinforce him given the facts that he was handcuffed today. He knew it would come. He made the conscious choice to be arrested be and … indicted instead of cooperating. ”


He continued, “I don’t think we have any good reason to suspect that he will cooperate in the future. So I don’t see why there should be additional charges against the Trump organization unless new evidence comes in. My guess is that they evaluated this evidence. … So it is a little confusing for me when you know more about why you are accusing this. And because of this, common sense makes me believe they won’t have any more. ”

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