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Blinken meets Uyghur ex-prisoners – POLITICO

China faces severe international criticism and sanctions for detaining more than 1 million Uyghurs and other minorities for political re-education in Xinjiang.

Price said the meeting showed continuity in American policy on the matter between the vastly different administrations of Biden and Trump.

Both governments described the campaign in Xinjiang as “genocide” and imposed sanctions on China for violating human rights. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met several times with Uyghur ex-prisoners during his tenure as America’s highest diplomat.

“America has been very clear and consistent about the abuses, atrocities and ongoing genocide in Xinjiang,” Price said. “And I suspect that, as we deem appropriate, we will use additional tools in the future to hold officials accountable for what happened there.”

Since the Trump administration, the US has steadily increased pressure on China on several fronts, particularly over the repression in Xinjiang and the fight against political disagreements and human rights in Hong Kong. These included travel bans, financial sanctions and trade restrictions on Chinese imports into the US

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